Every spring semester, Fairfield University puts on its spring concert for its students, and this year Taylor Swift should bring her Eras Tour to Stag Country – or realistically, another female artist. Her performance style catches all eyes in a way no other artist can. Fairfield University has a prime age demographic since many students grew up on her music.  

Undeniably, everyone and their dog knows at least one Taylor Swift song and truly enjoys it. She appeals to all ages and genders. Her music touches every genre, so all Stags will be entertained. Songs like “You Belong With Me”, “Love Song”, “Mine”, “Willow” and “Anti-Hero”… all can scream these lyrics. Swift doesn’t just perform one of her albums, she goes back in time to highlight each era in her music career. She even performs two special surprise songs that aren’t normally on her setlist. What a treat!    

As someone one of the lucky ones who went to attend the Eras tour this summer, I can say firsthand that it’s a show for all. Walking around the stadium so many different types of personalities were dressed up to experience her show. I sat next to a family of all ages, including a father who was dancing and singing the entirety of the concert.  

One of the best parts of attending the Eras tour is getting to dress up in one of Taylor Swift’s eras. Since all her albums are versatile and no two are alike, there is an outfit voice for everyone. From country outfits, flowery dresses and intense black glitter eyeshadows, everyone can express themselves in their chosen way. 

“Life-altering and mental spiral-inducing,” Elliot Enriquez ‘25 states after imaging Taylor performing in the Leo D. Mahoney Arena. I know this feeling will be mutual for many more.  

Taylor Swift’s, The Eras Tour, brought 72,000 people in the United States together to watch the performer for a whopping three hours. It is estimated that her ticket sales were $13 million. These extremely high numbers would help Fairfield bring in substantial revenue with their spring concert. Fairfield University would be put on the map, for being the first college to host the Eras Tour.  

This concert would bring so much joy to many people, including myself. The memories our campus would have if we were able to obtain such an artist for our spring concert. As someone who has seen the Eras Tour in real life, Fairfield needs to invest their hard-earned money into getting Ms. Swift to be our spring concert. 

Now, obviously, I know hosting Taylor Swift as the performer is an ambitious if not an impossible feat; however, dating back to 2016, Fairfield has only hosted male artists. The Red Sea has yet to see a female artist. It’s time a woman makes their way to Fairifled and performs. 

The Red Sea Madness concert has seen rap, hip-hop and R&B artists over the years. Therefore, bringing in a female artist would introduce new genres to the concert, for example pop, as it is a female dominated genre of music. 

Female artists also tend to prioritize their stage presence through the use of background dancers, visuals and choreography. Through such interactive and engaging sets, Fairfield students would be able enjoy the concert in a way they haven’t in years before. Think back to Metro Boomin, whose stage presence consisted of standing behind a DJ booth occasionally shouting into the microphone. Metro Boomin is incredibly talented; but is he suited for a Spring Concert?

Whomever performs this year, needs to bring energy, visuals and excitement – all of which are present with pop singers. Taylor Swift is a perfect example of an engaging concert, and by choosing a female pop singer, we can breathe new life into the Spring Concert. 

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