The arrest of two removable aliens in a California courthouse last week by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement prompted a bizarre outcry from local politicians and officials, as reported by USA Today. The protests made amounted to the assertion that enforcing federal law somehow “undermined public safety.” The event was indicative of the ongoing drama surrounding immigration in the country. U.S. Immigration law and the illegal aliens it affects are both exploited as political weapons by politicians. The flow of legal and illegal aliens into this country should be stopped. Modern immigration does not benefit anyone.

This problem arose because according to USA Today, the governor of California signed legislation into law that said no one can make arrests in courthouses without a warrant, undermining federal immigration enforcement. This type of action by state and local level officials to undermine the higher law of the land is unethical and presumably for reasons other than their duty to represent American citizens. This is a conclusion that follows because the people they are attempting to safeguard the right to trial for are not American citizens. USA Today reported that a local public defender went as far as to claim that the arrest of an illegal alien with a criminal record was “going to put total fear into the community.” It is doubtful that it will cause “total fear.” It is more likely that the only fear being spread is coming from the 24-hour news outlets which amplify grievous headlines for ratings, or the narratives that the owners approve. This is happening all over the country.

From California to Connecticut, one finds the phenomenon known as “sanctuary cities.” A sanctuary city is a place that passes laws in spite of federal immigration law to protect illegal aliens, thereby undermining the nation. The given justifications for sanctuary policies are humanitarian, such as avoiding family breakup or encouraging aliens to use public services without risking removal. However, most of the associated rhetoric is too emotionally charged, which is a red flag and a cause for suspicion. I grant that some “sanctuary” policies could be necessary to manage cities that have numerous illegal aliens. The lack of public will to either naturalize them or remove them would make governing a difficult task. Thankfully, as reported by NBC Connecticut, Connecticut recently lost its “sanctuary cities” funding fight with the federal government. Hopefully more of the same will happen across the country and rule of law will be restored. 

We need tough immigration law because without it there is not a distinct country, American identity or rule of law. After language and religion, the nation-state is what we have to protect identity and social fabric. Since President Trump took office his administration has been fighting a tough battle to implement and enforce immigration policy that will protect the nation that protects all of us. For example, as described on the Trump Wall website, the promised border wall ended up being a steel-slat fence, likely due to funding battles. A real wall, like the one Israel has on the West Bank, would better discourage migrants from embarking on a road of dangerous situations with a bad ending. 

At the end of that road, according to the U.S. Department of State, many end up in America only because of participating in “migrant smuggling.” There’s a good chance they were sold the idea that this land was better than their own because of magic dirt and white picket fences. The motivation could have been more noble or sympathetic, but in my experience, motivations that end in breaking laws and paying shady smugglers are never pure. The only real victims in the matter are those who were children when their parents believed a lie and broke the law to get here.

Immigration policy in the U.S. and other Western countries today are following a pattern. It is as if it is designed for one thing: to bring in cheap labor. To satisfy labor demand, families should be promoted instead of immigration. The Pew Research Center reports that native born men and women are not getting married, while migrants are arriving en masse with their families. There may be a connection. Instead of starting families and demanding decent wages, young Americans are too busy worrying about the arrests of illegal aliens with criminal records or other narratives from the fake news, like virus scares that will be soon forgotten. Instead of politicians or the news being for Americans, they are fighting for people here illegally and spreading actual fear. I say stop all immigration until this mess is sorted out.

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