Halloween is commonly thought of as a children’s holiday, where little kids are able to dress up and pretend for a day to be anything that they want to be, and on top of that, they get buckets full of candy. I think that although Halloween is seen as a day for children, you are never too old for Halloween, because it is a day that is fun for individuals of any age.

I still get excited to go shopping for a Halloween costume and I think that it is extremely fun to be able to go crazy with your outfit, make-up, hair and to really make the most of the day. For most college kids, girls especially, Halloween gives us a day to stray away from our classic jeans and tops, and substitute it for truly whatever creative outfit we can create.

Sophomore Lauren Lovarco, when asked if she thinks college students are too old for Halloween, said, “Of course not. Halloween is the greatest because now this weekend, I get to wear galaxy leggings and bright blue eyeshadow and be an alien, and then the next day I get to wear all black with fake fangs and be a vampire. It’s something fun and different and who would want to outgrow that?”

I think that there are still so many fun things to do on Halloween at this age, such as just having a costume party with all of your closest friends or participating in trick-or-treating in your dorm. Last year as a freshman in Regis Hall, the fourth floor was extremely friendly, so we decided to do trick-or-treating in the North and South wings of our floor. It was so much fun because everyone got candy and we got to encounter floormates that we had not met yet since it was so early into the school year.

I believe that similarly to how children get excited to be something that they are not, so do young adults. It is fun to pretend at any age that just for a night, you are someone or something else. Also, it is a fun-spirited holiday where the focus isn’t on gifts or religion, but simply on having good-natured fun with friends. More so, I think that celebrating Halloween is even better in a college setting because all of your friends are on campus dressing up too. I believe that if we were at home during Halloween, it would not be as fun because if no one has a party, then there is nowhere to go to show off your costume. Here at college, there is always a social setting where people can celebrate and get together with friends to enjoy the fun of dressing up and expressing themselves differently.

Many people pay attention to what other people wear on Halloween and it is a big social media topic. I think that scrolling through social media and seeing the creative costumes of other people is fun and I often get inspired by what I see other people wearing for their costumes. I definitely do not think that Halloween is something we outgrow. Even as adults, many people still dress up, whether it be with their kids or for themselves. I know parents that still dress up for Halloween and I consider it a day meant for everyone no matter how young or how old.

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