Stags, we have finally made it to the midway point of the semester. Whether you’re pretty much beat down from the onslaught of midterms that professors are trying to cram in during the course of the last week or nonchalantly trudging through the week in hopes of getting on your flight to some tropical destination a little sooner, we can all agree that spring break is a necessary departure from straight academia.

You may be thinking, “Oh, here The Mirror goes again being cheeky and writing about something lighthearted.” Well, you aren’t completely wrong — we want to stress the importance of responsibility as it pertains to living one’s life. You may be questioning us again, saying something like “where the hell are they going this time” or “how does this pertain at all to spring break?”

Life is full of wonderfully devious temptations that beckon to us to take that extra shot or go for the beer mile, we should know that we aren’t invincible and just as Superman is susceptible to Kryptonite, we have our own limitations.  

Especially with St. Patrick’s Day falling on the Friday of break, we are tempted further with surrendering ourselves to the influence of a holiday binge. However, we aren’t saying to go completely dry of St. Paddy’s Day — because what fun would that be — rather, we are stressing the adage of “everything in moderation.”

College is a time of experimentation and acting idiotic without expecting the consequences. That being said, for college students, spring break is the point of the semester where this experimentation peaks. Spring break falls at a time when the workload is beginning to increase, so it makes sense that college students jump at the opportunity to release their stress via extreme alcohol consumption and endless partying on the beach.

While this scene is enticing, we encourage students to partake in these activities in moderation. The drinking and partying scene is fun, but waking up with a miserable hangover and not remembering the events from the day before takes away from the enjoyment of the experience. Hence, less is more when it comes to spring break partying.

The moral of our story: live free, but think responsibly. So when you’re downing a mimosa or two on a sunny beach in Punta Cana, don’t think too much about that paper due next week, there’s always the motto of “due tomorrow, do tomorrow.”

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