J.Crew U- It is the funniest label in the college guidebooks that Fairfield University has. It is ironic that for being a “rich kid school,” we are certainly one of the more poorly dressed schools. It is slightly hard to be J.Crew U when so much of the temperature during the school year is spent under 40 degrees; preppiness really doesn’t hold up in the cold. Southern schools certainly out dress us both in the daily class wear as well as going out. One day a year, on Clam Jam, we rival what is an everyday weekend affair for southern schools when it comes to Stags dawning their best.

Come to think of it, Sweatpants U might have been a more accurate label for Fairfield in those guide books. The standard dress code for guys seems to be Tims, sweatpants, and a T-shirt or sweatshirt and a backwards fitted or snap-back hat. For girls it’s tough to tell, but usually leggings or jeans and Uggs for the entire winter. Once springtime does begin to appear, the label seems to a bit more fitting to Fairfield.

I’m not going to say that there isn’t a preppy faction at Fairfield U. I should know. I’m a member of it. There is a decent amount of J.Crew, Vineyard Vine, Polo, along with other “preppy” brands on this campus. That being said, we have more people concerned with comfort than looks.It is understandable that people want to be comfortable when they are pretending to pay attention in class.

For anyone that believes that Fairfield is a J.Crew U school, I just suggest watching a guy at Fairfield try to iron a shirt; it usually proves that Mom always did it for them.  Preppy is more then simply wearing a colored shirt – it is that arrogant way of life. We might be a rich school and some kids might wear nice clothes, but we do not have what it takes to earn the label of J.Crew U. At the end of the day we don’t have enough a**es on campus.

The problem with Princeton Review ratings and labels that they apply to schools is that they are not very factual. I don’t remember a positive ranking Fairfield has ever received that is worth mentioning. If you have ever seen the Preppy Handbook circa 1980s you will realize that Fairfield U really doesn’t measure up to the standards set for for a preppy school. Preppy is not fashionable, but it at least is well dressed. Fairfield students are neither fashionable nor preppy so I wonder where that leaves us.

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