As Fairfield University’s 15th Annual Presidential Ball came to a close on the Friday night of Sept. 28, groups of seniors huddled with their friends to share mixed emotions ranging from happiness about having an amazing night to sadness at the realization that this will be the first of many “lasts.” With tears in our eyes as we exited the Pres Ball tent, we were greeted with the comforting sight of Mr. Softee’s ice cream and Super Duper Weenie. If we had to live with the thought of this being our last Pres Ball, at least we could drown our sorrows with food or not.

Despite the weeks-long advertisement that food trucks would be waiting outside of Bellarmine Hall from 12-1 a.m. the trucks closed their windows at the obscenely early time of 12:15 a.m. To make matter worse, many students waited in the two lines for over 20 minutes only to have the windows closed on them as they neared the front.

This has been the second time that a Fairfield University sponsored event has let the class of 2019 down regarding the promise of Super Duper Weenie. During the spring semester of 2018, Fairfield’s annual Time Travel event had food trucks from Taco Loco and Super Duper Weenie; however, the Super Duper Weenie truck was not distributing hot dogs, they were giving out chicken tenders. What does a member of the 2019 class have to do for a simple hot dog?

It’s disheartening for seniors to see the Super Duper Weenie truck stationed outside of the Barone Campus Center every Thursday, distributing hot dogs on a regular basis, yet fail to uphold their valued reputation while being present at memorable University events. Whether students are hungry, craving a hot dog, or yearn for some 1 a.m. comfort food, the University should uphold their end of the deal by ensuring these food trucks will provide happiness to the student body.

Fairfield, we expect to see Super Duper Weenie present at the next University sponsored event, and further, we expect them to be stationed at the event for the entire time advertised to students.

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