The adrenaline rush as a first-year student sneaking into your first “Point day” is one that can never be matched. You’re fresh off of the high school graduation stage and looking into a sea of students on a warm September day, hearing laughter and feeling the beat of music and realizing that you picked the right school. The proximity to the beach is no doubt the selling point for many Fairfield University students. The closer you get to senior year, the closer you get to the beach. While you could have attended the “darties” (“day parties”) on the beach since you were an underclassmen, you have more access to the beach as a senior. Whether you live on the beach or not, we have the Beach Resident Organization (BRO). While the title is misleading, both non-beach residents and residents alike are brought together under the leadership and organizational skills of select seniors to plan events for the class. Seniors just have to pay dues in order to attend. Most of these events take place on the beach.

So now that you’re all caught up, we seniors have been waiting three years to have full access to our beautiful beach and have paid our dues to attend the events ON THE BEACH.

As the anticipation built for the first-fated point day as a senior, a storm was brewing.

This past Saturday, there was a dark cloud over the Point and it wasn’t Hurricane Florence. G-force asked everyone who didn’t live on the water to get off the Point deck.

The Point deck, a staple of many an Instagram photo, the background of many laptop stickers and Facebook cover photos, was empty. Whether they had a Lantern Point Association Resident or Guest Pass, no student was allowed on. Broken, drenched and disappointed seniors were circling the Long Island Sound looking for a darty to call home.

It’s understandable that G-force wants to control the masses of students going onto the beach, yet the masses were just seniors. The privilege of access to the beach feels like an empty promise when G-force asks you to leave your friend’s porch.

Between the weather and lack of underclassmen helping to flood the beach, it felt like a defeat. Seniors went home, heads hanging low, wondering if this what their much-awaited senior year would be like.

Will the class of 2019 be the class where G-force cracks down on the senior events we’ve been waiting on? Ed board has high hopes for our senior year. We may have lost the first battle, but we will win the war.

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