Halloween is over, so you know what that means…Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé have re-emerged and the Christmas season has commenced.

Christmas music is so much more than just about the Christmas holiday. Though not everyone celebrates the holiday, the music associated with the season and the ever-familiar background sound of jingling bells evokes strong feelings of nostalgia in all those who listen. Christmas music is not exclusive to those who celebrate Christmas, too!

I don’t know of any emotions that Thanksgiving evokes, and to me, it honestly just seems like a roadblock on the way to Christmas, or even moreso, like a precursor to Christmas. And even if you feel like it’s too soon for Christmas music, it is not a debate about what America’s favorite holiday is.

According to a poll by CBSDetroit, Americans’ favorite holiday is Christmas with Thanksgiving following it in second place. Though Christmas is a Christian holiday, nowadays, Christmas has shed much of its religious tie for a lot of people and instead people associate Christmas with a unique winter holiday feeling and not that of Jesus’ birth. 

Due to the strong affinity for Christmas Americans have, why should we be subjected to only getting into the spirit of the holiday after Thanksgiving. I am not going to argue for the complete disregard of the Thanksgiving holiday, but instead that the Christmas spirit can and should be unleashed before Thanksgiving. 

Every tradition associated with Thanksgiving is frankly something that can be done any single day of the year, but for Christmas, any activity associated with it has such a tight time frame of the year when doing such activities just feels right.For example, when it comes to Christmas movies, you need the air outside to be crisp and the fireplace going; it just makes sense! 

A tradition that automatically comes to mind with Thanksgiving is football. Football, however, is on all the time throughout the fall and into the winter. I don’t see why it is such a point of importance for the holiday that Christmas festivities need to be held up until the singular day of Thanksgiving passes. 

After Thanksgiving, there is just not enough time to give Christmas the time it deserves to be celebrated and to experience the feeling of the holiday and even more so, that specific season.

Further, let me know when you have heard of a Thanksgiving song because I certainly can’t think of any. 

The unique smile that Christmas music brings to the faces of those who hear it should not be prevented from happening just because of some holiday that, to me, focuses on eating turkey. 

Playing Christmas music ahead of the holiday will not tire anyone of the holiday because there is such a variety of songs to listen to and because it will only enhance everyone’s holiday mood. It is physically impossible to have any negative feelings while listening to Christmas music. 

I’m not suggesting something crazy, like to listen to Christmas music in the summer or anything like that, but rather, to listen to it at the appropriate time — as it nears the holiday. It just so happens that Thanksgiving also nears Christmas. You can still celebrate Thanksgiving and give that holiday its moment without having to entirely prevent yourself from listening to Christmas and other holiday songs. 


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