Education: That’s right, you are studying abroad. Will the classes transfer so you can graduate on time? Will they compliment your major or minor in any way?

Currency:’ The pound vs. the zloty can make a huge difference when you look at your credit card bill at the end of the four months!

Language: Do you speak the language? Can you pick up a new language or a few new phrases easily?

Know yourself: Do you adapt easily to other cultures?’ Do you have an open mind about experiencing new things?

The support staff in the host country: Do they plan a lot of extracurricular activities, volunteer opportunities, and trips? How readily available are they to students in case of emergency?

How much interaction will you have with the local people and culture? (Through housing or students in your classes.)

What is important to you?’ Do you want a small town or big city? Do you want to be surrounded by beautiful historic architecture or be part of an exciting up-and-coming art scene?

Ask questions!!! Contact the study abroad office or students who have been abroad in that country.

Going with your friends.’ You will make new ones!

Worrying about leaving Fairfield for a semester.’ You will come back changed, but everything here will be exactly the same. (Minus a few break-ups and make-ups, but that is what the Facebook newsfeed is for.)

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