A popular practice in society is to categorize people in the same age group as members of a specific generation. Putting people in such a grouping also serves the practical purpose of organization. It can also be seen as a marketing tactic for companies to reach a larger audience, being that there are distinctive elements that separate each generation. Typically, a generation lasts around 30 years. In the grand scheme of things, 30 years may not seem like a long time. However, with the rapidly advancing age that we are in, it is appropriate to recognize the differences that occur from generation to generation due to the constantly evolving nature of our world. In an attempt to capture the differences between each generation, people often give them specific names. These names, however, do not just happen overnight; they take years to develop. As the generation matures it becomes more and more obvious what the name should be. For instance, Generation X was originally known as “The 13th Gen,” in honor of them being the 13th generation in the United States since the American Revolution. Currently, there is debate over what to name the group of people born from 1995-2015. Some names that are being considered are Generation Z, Zoomers, Homeland Generation, Plurals, Post-Millennials, Gen Tech and Gen Wii. 

The members of Generation Z became very familiar with technology at an early age and have integrated it into almost every aspect of their lives. With a generation that is moving at the fastest speed yet, I believe that the nickname ‘Zoomers’ is an appropriate nickname for Generation Z. One of the reasons that ‘Zoomer’ is a perfect nickname for this generation is because of the massive amounts of information that they are able to absorb every day. Generation Z spends hours of each day on the internet and social media, constantly picking up new information and learning more about the world. Kids now are able to pick up a device and search for anything they want. This was not possible 20 years ago, which puts children today way ahead of the curve. 

There is a misconception that the ‘Zoomers’ are just an extension of the Millennial generation. This claim could not be more false because the ‘Zoomers’ have an entirely different value system. Millennials value idealism, experiences and flexibility, whereas Generation Z values truth, communication, caution and being realistic. Generation X’s caution extends to both the internet and their career. This generation is raised by Generation X and has taken up some of the values of their parents. They have heard their parents tell them ‘be careful what you post online’ and they have taken this good advice. They are more conservative on what they choose to post online because they understand the consequences it could lead to later on in life. According to Facebook, the age group of people who post the most are people between the ages of 25 and 34. 

The name Zoomer truly captures what it means to be a member of Generation Z. It emphasizes the presence of technology in our lives and our ability to use it responsibly. This generation has the ability to use technology to revolutionize business and increase communication among people around the world.


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