Since The Mirror’s last Arena 100 Update before winter break, progress looked to be slowing down just a bit. However, Fairfield University students have been able to see major progress since returning back to campus for the spring semester.

Neon-green walls have been placed up, and the entire ceiling of the front section seems to be installed. The extra curve in the front of the design of the arena can already be seen, which protrudes out from the right side of the construction site. 

The whole project has really taken shape, with virtually all of the framework in-place. This is different from last semester when most of the framework was still finishing up, but it was not fully connected together. Now, the trusses of the ceiling connect both sides of the project.

Lights have been placed in certain rooms where construction is being done from the inside. This echoes Athletic Director Paul Schlickmann’s belief from December that some of the rooms are beginning to take shape.

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