As the weather gets colder, it is no surprise that construction on the brand new “Arena 100” on campus will become slower. Soon enough, the construction crew may need to pause work entirely when the first snowfall of the year arrives. 

Regardless, progress from October to November has been fairly minimal, but visual changes have been made. It appears as though the construction crew has laid the framework of the building, with some floors even being put in. However, this may be more of a transitionary period, where they are planning the next big steps of the project. 

Many more facilitating appliances can be seen, with more cranes, trucks and ladders around the building. Additionally, the fence that wraps around the entire site has been extended outward to reach closer to the lower entrance of the Barone Campus Center. 

The foundation of the arena seems to be finished at this point. The metal framework of the stadium itself is connected all the way around, except for the one opening adjacent to the BCC that allows for trucks to come and go. 

After the fall and winter seasons pass, it is likely that progress on the inside will begin to be made, since there is already flooring for the second level. With very rapid progress since September, it only makes sense that the project will begin to slow down for the winter months, and pick up steam again in the spring.

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