Q: Entering your 23rd season, have you seen as special a team as this one in 2018?


A: With all the new people on this team, this team is truly outstanding. Having 11 newcomers and 11 returning players is amazing since they were able to gel so quickly. I think that is a result of the returning players making a huge commitment over the summer, coming back in shape. The seniors are really leading the charge.


Q: What have you liked the most during this 8-1 start to the season?


A: Winning… I like that the seniors were dissatisfied with the loss against Drexel and they did not want to feel like that again. They immediately came to the coaches, asking how to improve themselves. They had an immediate positive reaction from the negative. That was my favorite part about it.


Q: How do you continue this great stretch, such as maintaining focus on repeating as MAAC champions?


A: We’re just very specific of what our offensive and defensive principles are. So we have to maintain those principles and keep developing new ones. And also we have to maintain the depth in our backfield since we are scoring goals and denying them as well.


Q: What can you and/or your team captains do so this team does not lose their focus throughout the season?


A: We do our best to treat every game like it is a championship game.


Q: What have you seen with this team that you have not seen in past teams?


A: The ability of newcomers to come in and take on such difficult roles with confidence. So we have 11 newcomers, and we only have three returning starters. We have a lot of players who are starting for the very first time coming to play with such confidence, being able to correct their mistakes on the fly. It’s just a show of their character and their strength since they listen to the seniors leaders of this team.

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