Now deep into his second season for the Stags, The Mirror had the chance to catch up with Men’s and Women’s Cross Country head coach Dave Scrivines.  The long time educator is bringing promise back to the Fairfield Cross Country program.


Q: How would you describe your development as a coach from year one to year two as well as your knowledge of the collegiate landscape?

A: Much improved. Year two for us has been all about progress for us. I feel like our athletes are in better position and better prepared. Our coaches are better prepared. We had a really good meet in Boston at the New England Championships. Both teams were about 45 seconds ahead of a year ago, so our progress has been really good.


Q: Who would you say, from an individual standpoint, has stuck out to you on the men’s and women’s side thus far?

A: For the men, Ryan Brennan, one of our juniors, has had a really good year. Our sophomore group has also been strong this year on the men’s side and then mix in Scott Daly ‘19, Chris Fisher ‘20 and then a few other guys and we are looking good. On the women’s side, we have a strong freshman cross, so most of our top runners are on the freshman side. Kaylee Bergen has been strong for us as a senior and Katie Kern has also made a lot of improvement as a senior.


Q: What are you looking to see this weekend at the Central Connecticut State University Mini


A: I want everybody to be a little faster and confident heading into the MAAC Championships. It is about everybody feeling good and staying injury free.


Q: At what point this season did you feel as though you reached a turning point as a program?

A: The first meet at [Siena University] was good because our summer training was ahead of where it was a year ago. Our preseason was better this year and we were able to translate that into a meet. Our conference championship meet is at Siena so it was a good confidence booster for us.


Q: Having the MAAC Championship meet at Siena, what does that mean for you guys to race somewhere familiar?

A: It is a flatter course, so times should be faster. We do not know the conditions that day but there will be faster times. But, having raced there already we can do things strategically that will give us a mental advantage.

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