Q: After a 5-9 season, what did you work on with your team the most to improve?

AC: There was a lot of reflection after a year like that, but we also made a concerted effort to not make this year about last year, so we have been more focused on the present and the future. This group has done a great job so we are cautiously optimistic.


Q: Besides Colin Burke, who is the player to look out for this season in 2018?

AC: Joe Rodrigues, who is a senior and is poised to have a breakout year, came on during the latter part of his junior year. He is going to be starting attackman, alongside Colin so we feel we’ll have a pretty good two-headed monster there. Also, we have Will Fox facing off where he was the Colonial Athletic Association Rookie of the Year his first season and he’s gotten progressively better. Three senior defensemen, Spencer Noonan, Nick Panara, and J.B Smith, are going to have a lot of the responsibilities on their shoulders.


Q: As head coach, how do you maintain an upward trend and always have success?

AC: You have to manage the small details on a daily basis while also keeping an eye on the bigger picture. Day-to-day, you have to focus on culture and also focus on the minute details. In college lacrosse nowadays, you are playing so many one-goal games that you have to be very meticulous. We have done our best to do so.


Q: What is the key to getting the best out of your players?

AC: Sometimes it depends. I think you have to get guys confident by having them believe in themselves and believe in their teammates. You also have to find out what makes each individual player tick and then push those buttons so in some cases it is tough love, some cases it is putting your arm around a guy, some cases you got to pry and pry the needle a little bit. It goes case by case though. This year’s team is humble and hungry, that is the best way to describe it.

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