As if coaching the women’s field hockey team for 20 seasons and tallying up over 140 wins wasn’t enough of an honor, women’s field hockey coach Jackie Kane was recently inducted in the Connecticut Field Hockey Hall of Fame.

On Sept. 21, Kane, along with five others, was inducted into the Hall of Fame for her outstanding dedication to the game.

Kane, who was brought up playing the game, played for the Stags from 1983-1986 before taking over the position of head coach in 1995. Since then, Kane has guided the team to eight postseason conferences, four berths into the Patriot League Conference including one championship title and a National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament appearance in 2001.

Kane has been credited for making sure that athletes on the team take their academics seriously. According to, almost 50 Stags have received National Academic Team Honors from the National Field Hockey Coaches Association. During the 2006-2007 season, the field hockey team was credited with having the highest team GPA at Fairfield.

Throughout the past 20 seasons, one of Kane’s main goals has remained the same. By making her team stronger both mentally and physically, she’s taking the girls who walk in as freshmen and transforms them into women when they step off the field for the last time senior year.

“My whole philosophy is that I help young girls become women,” said Kane, “The reason I’ve done this for the last 20 years is that I want to win – all coaches do – but I have a calling to make sure that my players are going to be the best that they can be on the field, in the classroom and as individuals, and if I can achieve that goal, then I am a success.”

Although she has helped her team to success in the past 20 seasons, Kane added that she couldn’t be any more thankful to those who have helped her to get her where she is today. She credits much of her success to her assistant coaches who, she added, help her stay on track, keep the team motivated and put up with not only the girls, but herself as well. But without the girls on the team, it wouldn’t have been the same for Kane.

“The real reason I could do it the last 20 years, is the players,” said Kane. “It’s never the same team twice. I get very attached to all the girls and I love following them after graduation to see what they’re doing.”

Kane was inducted to the Hall of Fame with friends and family surrounding her with applause.

“Some alum that I hadn’t seen in a while were there. My family was there, the seniors on the team and administration were there and I just can’t believe how many came out to support me,” said Kane. “It was really humbling and amazing at the same time.”

Kane looks to bring the Stags to their 20th successful season this fall, as the team is ready to start America East Conference play.

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