As the season wraps up for the New Jersey Jackals, every player’s plan is different when it comes to where they may end up for the winter, including those of Jackals’ starting center fielder David Harris, utilityman Seth Spivey and starter/reliever Mat Latos. These players are looking to work even harder as the summer comes to a close, preparing themselves for winter workouts and better opportunities next summer.

Harris has produced for the Jackals all season long, leading the team in batting average, home runs and runs batted in. He also surpassed his previous career-high in home runs earlier this season.

“It’s been a blast. During the whole year, I think we did a great job, how we have fought everyday to play this wonderful game of baseball,” said the Jackals center fielder.

The former Blue Jays prospect is always willing to play baseball and he wants to play where it feels right for him next season.

Harris further added, “wherever God takes me, really. If I am back here, then so be it, but wherever my next chapter is, I am just taking it one step at a time.”

“I found the love of the game for myself and that’s what matters the most. This game [baseball] means everything to me” said the Jackals slugger.

During the Jackals 2018 season, infielder Spivey has been hitting when it matters most, knocking in three walk-off hits this year, including a walk-off home run against the Rockland Boulders on June 9. He has played a multitude of positions ranging from second and third base to the outfield.

“I’ve liked [the Jackals] for the most part. It’s been an up-and-down season and we have had a lot of adversity as a team. But we’ve handled the adversity pretty well,” the second baseman stated.

Spivey is also always willing to increase his skillset to make himself a better player and person going into the next season, “To be honest, I don’t know what next year is going to hold. It could be back here, it could be somewhere else; but, if it is back here I am perfectly fine with that. In the winter, I am going to work to become a better all-around baseball player.”

Bouncing between the bullpen and rotation, Latos had had success all year long, no matter what role he was given.

The former All-Star further explained, “it’s been interesting. Going from being signed as a reliever, then becoming a starter to start the year, and then getting thrown into the reliever’s role for a while, I think the reliever’s role helped me gain a little more confidence.”

Latos wants to use his winter time off to rest and focus on his love for fishing, but also strives to get better as a pitcher, “I think I see myself on a boat in Florida when the season ends and take a little time to myself. But then I am going to be right back in the gym and throwing, and then walk into the Winter Meetings to find a job. If not, I just have to keep working harder and take it day by day.”

During his time with the New Jersey Jackals, the infielder has also found many positive takeaways to help him going forward in his journey.

“My Jackals experience has been fun and really good. I’ve learned a lot of things that have been really humbling. I’ve met a lot of great guys that I got a chance to play with and a lot of great guys I got to play against” said Latos.

All three players look to take advantage of winter workouts and time off so they can improve their skill sets when next summer rolls around, doing their best to earn a prime opportunity on a baseball roster.

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