The Fairfield Stags men’s and women’s rowing teams headed down to Ridgefield, N.J. this past weekend to finish their fall season at the New York Rowing Association Fall Invitational.

The men’s team had a very strong showing at the event placing first in the varsity eight, the second varsity eight, the third varsity eight, varsity four and novice four. 

The first varsity eight opened up for the Stags with a 6:26.97 finish placing them in first. The team was made up of Zalan Kovacs ‘27, Sam Elliott ‘27, Brendan Martin ‘24, Jack Cartnick ‘25, Ean Ray ‘27, Connor Carroll ‘27, Michael Hamilton ‘24, graduate student Brady Stergion and Matt Tarabocchia ‘24

Following them was the second varsity eight composed of James Casper ‘27, Dalton Vassanella ‘27, Owen Marquart ‘27, Will Kent ‘27, Luca Tarricone ‘27, Brian Peknic ‘27, Paris Fotiadis ‘27 and coxswain Maddy Gross ‘27 and placed first with a time of 6:49:92. The third varsity eight was the third team for the Stags to finish atop the podium with their time of 6:56:87. 

The team was made up of George Voegele ‘25, Mike McCarthy ‘24, Tom McLaughlin ‘26, Pat Arsenault ‘25, graduate student Alex Hemmat, James Penczak ‘27, Frank DiNatale ‘27, Nick Tapinis ‘26 and coxswain Tom Flynn ‘24.

The novice four had a time of 7:36:78 due to the efforts of Eamon Tonna ‘27, James Penczak ‘27, Kovacs and Elliot. Lastly the varsity four rounded out the Stags dominant display with a time of 7:14:07 behind Hamilton, Carroll, Ray, Stergion and coxswain Tarabocchia. 

The women’s team showed similar dominance with the second varsity four competing and securing first place in their heat with a time of 8:10.11 then winning first place in the A final with a time of 8:22.57. The team was made up of Lauren Hoppe ‘27, Zuzanna Janusz ‘27, Ava Forgione ‘27, Megan Rourke ‘24 and coxswain Michaela Thompson ‘24

The varsity A boat also won their heat with their time of 8:22.57 but finished on the podium with a third place spot in the A final due to their time of 8:35.85. The team was made up of Olivia Burghardt ‘26, Mia Van Mater ‘26, Gia Enderle ‘26, Julie Pedrazzi ‘26 and coxswain Marianna Kalin ‘25

The varsity 8 managed third place in their heat due their 7:01.47 time but fell to fifth in the final clocking in at 7:31.00 behind the efforts of Arianna Welton ‘25, Emily Regan ‘24, Sophia Savage ‘27, Kathryn Bergstron ‘24, Victoria Conrad ‘27, Molly Squire ‘27, Emma Szachta ‘25, Catherine Morrissey ‘25 and coxswain Lexi Tomlinson ‘26

The second varsity 8 found the podium in their first race to secure a spot in the final with a time of 7:19.36. In the final the team of Miranda Schmidt ‘26, Sarah Wendling ‘25, Kelly Cullen ‘26, Megan Blair ‘24, Arden Costello ‘25, Caitlin Gregitis ‘27, Caroline Tomlinson ‘26, Shawn O’Brien ’27 and coxswain Alisa Tsavaris ‘27 placed first with their time of 7:41:10. Lastly the third varsity 8 got second place in their heat with a time of 8:27.94 then found first place with a late push in the final with a time of 8:31.19 thanks to Kat Schelleng ‘27, Cailey Chechitelli ‘27, Kara Davidson ‘26, Grace Polatsek ‘27, Rachel DeLeo ‘27, Lauren Esposito ‘27, Alyssa Colombrita ‘26, Alex Harrington ‘27 and coxswain Grace Tyszka ‘27.

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