Brothers Doug Kuring and Brandon Kuring both scored goals Tuesday night in the Men’s Lacrosse season home opener against Quinnipiac. One scored for the winning team and one scored for the losing team, when Fairfield beat the Bobcats 7-5 in front of 681 fans.

Brandon, a freshman at Quinnipiac, said, “Playing my brother [was a] different experience… It was weird seeing him on the other side of the field, scoring goals, cheering against him when I have always cheered for him.”

The younger brother continued, saying it was “probably [the] best experience in my life…My brother has always been my role model so [jersey number] four… I had to wear it. I was pretty excited when he scored.”

Doug, a senior at Fairfield, mirrored his brother’s feelings saying, “It is definitely a different experience playing against him. [I] played with him on the same team in high school. He scored a goal today – instead of being happy for him, I have to be upset.”

Head Coach Andy Copelan said, “I think it is one of those special moments for the Kuring family.”

Regarding the game overall, Copelan said, “I’m pleased with the fact that we won, [but] we are disappointed that we are yet to put together a 60 minute effort.” He was pleased to see the freshmen receive playing time yet said they are, “concerned with the short term and short term success.”

Fairfield went down to Quinnipiac 1:48 into the game when Jack Oppenhiemer netted one for the Bobcats after Fairfield’s defense collapsed on itself. Sam Snow ’13 retaliated at 7:29, spinning and placing the ball in upper right corner of the net.

Jordan Greenfield ’14 and Jay Duffy ’14 scored two more goals, making the score 3-1 at the end of the 1st quarter. Five minutes into the second quarter, Quinnipiac scored. Ryan Mulford ’11 quickly answered 2 minutes later, when Snow provided him with the perfect pass on the left side of the net, artfully placing it behind the Quinnipiac goalie. Quinnipiac’s Brandon Kuring then floated a ball over Fairfield’s goalie junior Charlie Cipriano’s head.

Quinnipiac scored again 2 minutes into the 3rd quarter. However, Fairfield dominated the remainder of the 3rd quarter, scoring three goals. Marshal Johnson ’13 slid a goal past the left side of the goalie 3 minutes into the 3rd quarter. Shawn Honovich ’14 came streaking in from the outside untouched for15 yards and ripped a goal from the right side of the net. Doug Kuring netted a well set-up goal to put Fairfield up 7-4. Quinnipiac scored one more goal in the fourth, but Fairfield maintained the score distance and won 7-5.

Copelan highlighted Shawn Honovich ‘14, who wears number 30, by saying “I think [he] is going to be one of the better players to ever play here at Fairfield. I think that he is terrific; he plays at a different speed than those around him.  Athletically, he is clearly at an ACC level athlete – he can do a number of different things for us.”

Copelan ended by saying, “Right now, the Men’s Basketball team has really galvanized campus and we are certainly pulling for them in the MAAC championship. Hopefully it is our turn once their season ends.”

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