Q: What does it mean to you to be a senior captain?

KF: It’s definitely an honor to be a senior captain just because I feel like it means the team really looks up to me and sees me as a leader. It also holds such a responsibility because you have to set an example and always raise the bar as far as the expectations go and what our coaches expect. I’m definitely honored to be one, it’s really awesome.


Q: What do you look to do differently this year?

KF: This year we have to win the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. Last year we lost in the championships to Canisius. Besides winning the MAAC, it would be awesome to host the MAAC and be able to play here and not have to travel up to Buffalo; twice in a season is always brutal.


Q: What’s different about this year’s team?

KF: I think this year’s team is different because before we’ve always been such an upperclassmen heavy team, like we rely a lot on the upperclassmen, but this year I feel like a lot of the underclassman are going to be a huge part of our team which is exciting for them.


Q: How will you lead this defensive group this season? What are some keys to the team’s success?

KF: We gel really well together, we’re a helping defense so we’re always working together. It’s not just I’m playing my girl and my teammates playing hers, we have each other’s back and I think that’s what makes us as strong of a defense as we are.


Q: It’s senior year now, how do you look to finish your final season?

KF: I already said I hope to host and win the MAAC but just to have fun with my team and make the best of every moment, cherish every moment and just give 110 percent and give all my effort because this is my last time playing probably.

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