First-year Grenoble, France native Lou-Lopez Senechal sat down to talk about her time so far at Fairfield University as a part of the Women’s Basketball team. She discusses her transition from her time playing in France and Ireland to here at Fairfield.


Q: How has your time at Fairfield been so far, being a first-year?


A: It’s been really cool. I have been learning a lot, whether it’s on or off-the-court, or spending time with my teammates. The first semester was really good, a lot better than I expected. Also, no matter how our team is doing, I am learning every day and I am enjoying it.


Q: How have you adjusted, coming from France and now playing basketball in the United States?


A: I feel that I adapted quickly because I am used to traveling a lot, going to new places and being with new people as well as being far from my family. Of course, I had to adjust to my schedule with classes, practices, which is way more than I had in France.


Q: When you are not playing basketball, what are some things you and your teammates enjoy doing?


A: Sometimes we like having movie nights at someone’s house, especially during the Winter Break, and then we also try to eat together or watch the sunset. I feel it is very important and it will be really hard to play [with your teammates] if you don’t have this bond and not be with your teammates every day. You need to have those moments off-the-court with your teammates to get to know them and have fun.


Q: What do you enjoy the most about being on this team at Fairfield?


A: I love the atmosphere that the team brings, especially with the seniors, and also I love that this team does not give up even if something is going wrong. We try to find a solution together and do better for the next game.


Q: Are there major differences in playing basketball in France & Ireland compared to America?


A: Some things are similar but also some things are different. I enjoy that the practices and lifts during the week since they are more organized. I’d prefer it here because I am practicing with teammates that are my age. In France, the teammates were like 25-years-old or older and here it closer to my age. I feel like it helps to be closer in age to my teammates.


Q: What have you liked the most about this season so far?


A: I like the fact I am able to play a lot and the coaches trust me which I am really happy about and it’s been a pleasure to play for the team. Also, having classes and practices at the same time was something I was looking for. It’s a mix of teammates, the coaching staff, friends that I made in classes.

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