You scored your 100th career goal a few weeks ago. What did that mean to you personally after battling through some injuries the past couple years?

RH: I had no idea that game I was even close to 100 goals. So I was super surprised and so excited. But I didn’t expect it because coming off an ACL [injury], I didn’t know how I was going to do after that. I couldn’t have done it without my teammates though and I was really happy.


As a team, you’ve won four out of the last five games. What has changed offensively after starting off 0-3?

RH: Offensively, we realized a lot more players can score. It’s been more of a team effort rather than individually based games. Other people getting involved and getting their confidence up has made a huge difference.


You have 27 goals through only eight games so far and are on pace to top last year’s season total of 39 goals. Did you work on anything specifically to improve as a scorer during the offseason?

RH: I shot it a ton, because I kept getting injured, so that’s all I could do. I think that our plays this year are running a lot better and we are more organized as an offense. My goal total so far is coming from everyone doing their job rather than just my shooting.

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Being named player of the week for the second time this year, how have other players helped you thrive offensively this year?

RH: A lot of our goals have been assisted. Having everyone give good passes and running through the plays that we are supposed to has definitely made a huge difference for our entire offense, as well as myself as a player. It is a team effort and not just one person ever.


How have you helped guide some of the younger players like Erin Mammele and Grace Maggio along this year?

RH: They are just awesome players and they listen to what people have to say. Any advice whether it’s the littlest thing like get your stick down a little lower, or something like that, they really react to it. They are just great players.


What is one key concept the whole team must excel at down the stretch in order for the Stags to make a run at a MAAC title?

RH: Staying confident and playing together. When we play as a team, we are winning games. When it’s an individual effort, you can see that we lose them. As long as we stay together and play as a team, we can have a lot of success in the MAAC tournament.


This being your last year, how do you hope to be remembered by Fairfield Lax fans once your career is over?

RH: Hopefully [I’m remembered] just as a team player and someone that everyone could go to for support. If people remember me like that I’ll be happy.


What do you hope to do to finish the year off?

RH: I want to win a MAAC Championship and I’d be really happy to do it with this team. They are a great group of girls.


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