How have you been able to manage playing golf and attending classes?

Rockwell: Well, we’ve been dealing with it for a couple of years now, but our teachers are really helpful and understanding when it comes to missing school. So, just not procrastinating and keeping up with the school work helps.

Brooks: Definitely just communicating a lot with professors. Also, figuring out office hours and times where you can make up tests or go over things with professors that you missed. Just staying in contact is one of the biggest things.


What led you to play golf at Fairfield?

Rockwell: I actually met Coach Roberto at a tournament the summer before my senior year of high school, so I came and visited and something just clicked. It just felt right here.

Brooks: It just ended up being the place where there was the best combination of athletics and academics, which is what I was looking for. I knew I wanted to play Division I golf, and that’s a huge accomplishment in anyone’s athletic career.


What has been your best golf experience at Fairfield?

Rockwell: I never really expected to win a tournament in college, but it was special winning two tournaments. It’s something I won’t forget.

Brooks: We came in this year and won the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference Tournament, the first tournament we won this season, and then came back the next weekend to win the Delaware State Tournament. Having not only two team wins, but two individual wins as well, is something I’ll never forget.


How has the golf team been getting along this season?

Rockwell: We’re so close on the course and off the course. These girls are my best friends here at school, and this season we have been more of a team than I can say for any other season because we’re just so in harmony.

Brooks: I think this year of all years so far the closeness playing and not playing golf is the highest it’s ever been for us and it’s working, so hopefully we’ll keep it rolling.


Can you explain the team’s walkthrough at a match/tournament?

Rockwell: At a match, I think we’re the only team that watches every single girl tee off. All of us get around and cheer for whoever’s teeing off, and the people who finish first are always on the last green waiting for the rest of the team and cheering.

Brooks: Our tournaments are two days, so we leave the day before. The day before the first round is a practice round, so we’ll all go out and play a practice round just to see the greens and the course layout. We stay at a hotel and go back the next morning for the first round at very early tee times, and we do the same thing the next day.


What are your expectations?

Rockwell: We’re winning. This is definitely our year. We have the drive, we have the passion and it’s happening this year. Our performance has just been a reflection of the improvement we’ve had.

Brooks: We probably have upwards of five more tournaments and then the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Championship down in Florida. It definitely feels like our year. We’re going to go down there and hopefully win it.


How often do you play golf in the offseason?

Rockwell: It varies depending on the weather. If we could, we’d love to get out there every day. In the summer, I play four or five times a week. It’s tough because golf isn’t a quick sport.

Brooks: We go to the indoor driving range during the winter at least two days a week. In the summer, I play at least four or five times a week minimum.


When/where did you shoot your best score?

Rockwell: My career low was at the Delaware State Tournament and I shot one under par, so a 70 on that course. I wasn’t even close to that before, it was just one of those days that everything was going right.

Brooks: My college career low, which I shot a couple times this season, was a 75. Katie won’t tell you, but her score is the Fairfield women’s golf record.


Have you ever met a professional golfer/been to a professional event?

Rockwell: Titleist was shooting a commercial just a street over from my house, so I met a bunch of professionals there and took pictures. We actually work the Tournament Players Club River Highlands Tournament every year, so we meet a bunch of people there.

Brooks: I’ve met Adam Scott before.

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