The Fairfield University women’s basketball team’s two-game win streak shows promise during an otherwise questionable season. The women are 3-4 overall on the season, but a pair of wins could mark a momentum shift that they need to forge on with this season in a stronger manner. On Sunday, Dec. 1 the Stags took on the University of Rhode Island (4-2) and were crushed 74-41. They then headed back home to Alumni Hall, where the gears shifted. On Wednesday, Dec. 4 they took down the United States Naval Academy (5-4) by a 12-point margin, 66-52. Later that week, they finished a two-game homestand on a high note when they hosted Hofstra University (2-6) and edged them in overtime, 73-64. 

At Rhode Island, the Stags showed weakness early on. In the first ten minutes of play, the Rams netted 29 points, destroying any morale Fairfield had and incapacitating them for the rest of the game. In the second quarter, the Stags managed to hold off the home team for the first four minutes. During that time, redshirt senior Katie Armstrong posted two points and Lou Lopez-Senechal ‘22 pitched in another three. Nonetheless, URI responded with a staggering nine-point surge over seven minutes leaving Fairfield in the dust, with a deficit that they would not recover from. In the third, the Stags scored 16 points, but they needed to be more consistent than that to have any hopes of winning. In the end, they failed to do so and the Stags disappointingly added another tally to the loss column.

The first quarter against Navy was dangerously similar to the game prior, as Fairfield was down 11-5 in the first quarter. A fast response in the form of a 9-0 run was just what they needed, and with one minute and thirty seconds left in the period, the Stags had the upper hand 14-11. This continued into the second period, and the Stags went into halftime in the lead, 39-25. Of Lopez-Senechal’s 17 total points to the game, 15 of those were in the first half. In addition, in the first 20 minutes she had an impressive 6-for-8 shooting clip and lead her team as the premiere points scorer that evening. Redshirt Junior Callie Cavanaugh trailed shortly behind in total points scored with 15, however all of these were recorded in the first half. Together, the forwards held the team together were instrumental in leading the squad to victory, 66-52.

The Stags looked to finish up the week strong, but Hofstra would not make that easy for them. The northeast teams battled it out for forty long minutes, but regulation time ran out and they were left at a stalemate, 57-57. This forced a five-minute overtime period, where Armstrong carried thrusted her team to victory. Armstrong’s straight points in overtime, which contributed to her game total of 24, established a new career high for her. Her efforts secured the win for the Stags, 73-64.

They look to continue their success as they leave home to face St. John’s University (6-3) in Queens, NY on Friday, Dec. 20 at 1:00 p.m. 


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