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Nine men walked onto the Quick Center stage last Friday night wearing jeans and casual t-shirts that wouldn’t make them stick out of a crowd. But as the stage lighting changed to a deep red, they came alive to become the musical performers known as The Rebirth Brass Band.

The Frazier brothers formed the jazz band in 1983 and began playing on the streets of the French Quarter in the city of New Orleans. The combination of traditional brass instruments and modern music created their signature brand of brass funk that eventually grew to become a worldwide phenomenon.

Known as a New Orleans institution, their band became especially popular within the post-Katrina world. The Rebirth Brass Band is a representation of their musically rich hometown, which had overcome tragedy and destruction. Their brass band has become dearly loved not only in New Orleans, but also around the world.

Coming from a hometown in New Orleans to play at the Quick Center in Fairfield, Conn., shows their diversity in touring locations.

The Rebirth Brass Band members formed two lines in front of the audience. The first line had two trombone players, three trumpet players and one saxophone player. A bass drum player, snare drum player and tuba player made up the back line, showing the variety within the group. The combinations of instruments created the distinct, funky sound that made them famous.

Their natural joking manner and strong charisma rubbed off on the audience once the band was introduced. The relaxed attitudes clashed with their amazing talents, creating a distinct and dynamic aura that filled the Quick Center.

The incredibly vigorous stage presence and the obvious bonds with one another created a strong sense of unification. It was almost as if they bounced energy off one another, sharing the spotlight to praise one another for their extraordinary talent.

The band members in the front would often stop playing their instruments and move out of the way for a breakdown with the drums, changing their formation to acknowledge one another’s talent, which was truly an act of teamwork.

Not only did the band establish a sense of strong connection with one another, but they also formed a bond with spectators.

Looking out at the audience often, they would acknowledge those dancing around the edges of the auditorium. During their last song, the band even put out an open invitation to anyone who wanted to come onstage and dance–and people took advantage of the opportunity.

At the end of the performance, many people left the theater still dancing and singing. “It was a lot of fun, a lot of excitement and a lot of energy,” said Valentina Stefanidis ’12. “The guys in the jazz band were entertaining and extremely talented.”

The Rebirth Brass Band won the 2012 Grammy Award in the Best Regional Roots Music Album category this past Sunday.

Showing no signs of slowing down, the group that helped kick off brass band revival almost 30 years ago continues on to a great future.

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