Halloweekend 2016 is officially upon us, which means that pumpkin-shaped candy bowls all across campus are filled high with bite-size candy bars. However, here at The Mirror, we like to take things a step further. Why settle for tiny candy bars when you could have full-size desserts? Check out these 1o spooky Halloween-themed dessert ideas that will kill at any party.

Mummy Pretzel Pops

You just dip pretzel sticks in white chocolate and attach candy eyes. How easy is that?

Candy Corn Parfait 

This one’s a little more complicated, but still incredibly adorable.

Devil Cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes dress up for Halloween, too.

Monster Cookies

These are actually kind of scary looking, but ’tis the season, am I right?

Spider Web Brownies

This is the only time that I will ever tolerate being around a spider web.

Halloween Cake Pops

Cake pops are the best dessert ever — don’t even try to argue.

Spider Bites

These are so insanely adorable and the assembly process is scary easy. See what I did there?

Donut Eye Balls

I donut want to eat anything else for dessert all weekend.

Hocus Pocus Pops

Whip up these babies and have a scary movie marathon — kicking off with “Hocus Pocus,” obviously.

Mummy Pops

The secret behind these little guys? Nutter butter cookies. That’s a wrap.

Happy baking, Stags — stay scary.

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