So far, 2019 has been the year of shoes for me. Between Black Friday, Christmas and all those New Year’s sales, I have added a number of impressive shoes to my collection, which is why I want to share a look at my current favorite shoes, some stylish, others for comfort, but regardless all staples of my wardrobe.


New year, new me. At least, that is what everyone says when the new year comes around. I started the new year with a new pair of sneakers, which gave me even more motivation to actually get to the gym. Adidas QUESTAR X BYD sneakers in ice purple have been the perfect sneaker for getting in shape. They are stylish and comfortable, but, most of all, I really feel a difference in my workout. I am traditionally a Nike girl, but I think I will be making the switch over to Adidas after purchasing these. Recommendation: 9/10


My royal blue Crocs Classic Clogs are a somewhat controversial buy amongst my family and friends. Some think they are fun, while others think I should never wear them in public. I wanted a pair of crocs because everyone I have ever known who has or has had them says they are the most comfortable shoes ever, so I had to give them a go. To make myself very clear, I do not think Crocs are a particularly stylish shoe and I do not wear them to be trendy. I wear them because what everyone says is true: they are incredibly comfortable. No, I would not wear them out to dinner or on a date, but for running quick errands, going grocery shopping, or just wanting some comfort in your life, I highly recommend grabbing a pair of crocs. Recommendation: 8/10


I also acquired Steve Madden Reece Grey Suede booties. These are my favorite pair of booties of all the booties I have ever purchased, so much so that I got a second pair in black. These boots are perfect for so many reasons, some of which include that they are comfortable, have the perfect heel size that make them easy to walk in and are both stylish and versatile. These boots can be worn with anything and still look good. You can dress them up with a nice dress or skirt, or down with a pair of jeans. No matter what, they look amazing. The boots’ look is also unique, because they combine suede with a knit material that hugs the ankle effortlessly. Recommendation: 10/10

While on the Steve Madden train, I also acquired a pair of statement shoes for the workplace. Antoinette Leopard mules add pop and style to all of my fairly drab workplace pieces. As we all know, workplace attire can be stylish, but it is hard to keep it interesting every day without breaking the bank. Adding a statement shoe can add jazz to your look without having to make multiple purchases. While a leopard print does not match with everything, they really tie a look together when they do. My concern with the mules is that they do not have a back, which sometimes leads to them sliding off a bit, however, it is definitely worth it for the level of style you are getting. Recommendation: 8.5/10


So there you have it. A shoe rundown and a look inside my closet! I love shoes. Sometimes it can be hard to decide if splurging on a new pair is worth the money, but in the cases of these shoes, I definitely think it is!

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