Last Tuesday, Jan. 30, your favorite staff on campus, The Mirror, took a field trip to the Levee to see whether switching ownership at the beginning of the year was worth the effort. It was. With a menu including entrees ranging from burgers to wraps, pasta and chicken dishes, the Levee has been revamped into a kickin’ place for Stags to eat non-Sodexo meals at cheap prices. With dim lighting and a DJ playing some background jams, the Levee provided a perfect Tuesday night escape.

As stated in our preview article, the Levee is now run by John’s Best Pizza, overseen by Italian immigrant Claudio Francesco. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that after eating actual Italian pasta, of course the Levee isn’t going to live up to that standard; however, it far exceeds the taste of Sodexo’s version of marinara sauce and cold pasta that has been sitting out for hours. Plus, students 21 or over may order any of the wine or beer options to accompany their meal of choice — what more could you ask for? Instead of heading into town for Happy Hour, check out the deals right on campus at The Levee.

With a variety of staff members, all of us at The Mirror have a pretty diverse taste pallet, which is good for you, so that you’ll be able to see a range of food reviews. As for me, I was having a bit of a stressful week and wanted to prepare myself for my 6:30 Marine Biology class. I rewarded myself by ordering a plate of Penne Caprese, which was penne pasta cooked with mozzarella cheese, tomato and basil. The pasta wasn’t under cooked, and the flavor had a perfect hint of basil. The best part is that I only spent $10, and didn’t have to leave campus.

Here are some comments from the rest of The Mirror staff, as they explain their overall experience:

“I got pesto pasta due to my love for pesto post-abroad (thanks, Italy). The portion was so big I wound up eating a decent amount and still had enough for a whole meal after,” said our Editor-in-Chief, Allison White ‘18. “But let’s be real, folks, I know you saw the Happy Hour plug and are skipping ahead to see what the deal is. All I have to say is: Bud Light for $2.50. You can’t go wrong.”

“I got the chicken caesar wrap and was definitely impressed with how well the wrap held all the chicken, lettuce and caesar dressing together – I always see the major downfall with wraps as their tendency to literally crumble in my hands,” said managing editor Catherine Veschi ‘18. “Aside from that, I felt like the wrap could have used some more caesar dressing (maybe that’s just because I’m obsessed with caesar dressing), but it was definitely a great meal option for a very reasonable price.”

“The new Levee is a vast improvement from previous iterations, but there is still a reasonable way to go,” said Executive Editor, Andrew Darosa ‘18. “My chicken parmesan grinder was very good, however, there was a bone in a chicken, so that killed my positive impressions thus far. I also felt that it took awhile to prep the food as the kitchen was understaffed.”

“Because I have no self-control I ordered mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders,” said Co-News Editor Deanna Carbone ‘19. “The mozzarella sticks were OK, but they definitely could have been hotter for a more impressive cheese pull. The chicken tenders were the perfect combination of buttery and crispy.”

“The Levee’s burger and fries are amazing,” said Assistant News Editor, Connor O’Rourke ‘20. “Plus, the price is quite reasonable for such great food. Overall, I was very impressed with the new Levee and I’m definitely considering going there more often.”

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