Regular visitors of the Fairfield University Art Museum are already aware of the wide variety of art displayed in temporary exhibitions over the years. Previous collections range from Renaissance pieces to contemporary photography. 

“We try to strike a balance in terms of what we’re doing,” Michelle DiMarzo, Curator of Education and Academic Engagement spoke on how the museum plans their exhibitions. 

With the knowledge that students are particularly interested in more modern art, the museum tries to accommodate this by having an even mix of both contemporary and more traditional art showcased. Now, for the first time, enthusiastic art lovers can take in fiber art and graphic design by local and international artists. 

On Jan. 20, “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” opened in the Walsh Gallery showcasing posters from around the world that both advocate women’s rights and raise awareness for violence against women. 

“For the first time we’re doing graphic design,” DiMarzo said regarding the exciting new chapter for the museum. As this is a unique traveling exhibition, the museum staff were able to select exactly which pieces would be showcased from a collection of 120. “This is an exhibition that has not been anywhere else.” 

In the Bellarmine Gallery visitors can find pieces from Connecticut-based artist Norma Minkowitz and her collection “Body to Soul” which opened on Jan. 27. This exciting collection is made entirely of fiber art–including pieces that appear to be metallic. 

DiMarzo spoke on the artists’ creative process “They start as crochet or she winds fabric around in different ways, then covers it with sculpting paste. It’s very cool.” 

 The exhibition includes sculptures and murals as well as standalone pieces that showcase the artist’s decades-long study of the uses of thread as a medium and symbolism but also contain plenty of little details throughout their pieces-such as tiny skulls. Both exhibitions will be showing until Apr. 6, 2023. For more information on the exhibitions currently showing as well as past and future collections, visit the Fairfield University Art Museum website.

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