David Bowie

Is my Home

Far from the Earth

And into the void

Of space that’s filled with

Star, brighter than

A busy prom night


I never went to prom

I stayed home

Remember the wing incident

And the funny screams

But David is out there

Doing his own scream


Labyrinth but in spandex

Miley Cyrus but in binding tape

A ten fingered man, but in skates

A clock that tells time, but in Utah 

Why does it always go back to Utah?

Bowie would know

He would know why Utah

Is a weird feature

Or maybe America’s weirdest alien planet


David would totally see

The universe as it be

Like a Starman in a tree

Or A lad insane

I miss that Major Tom

Hope his circuit’s not dead


I see him every once in a blue moon

He’s floating like an anvil 

In a dishwasher in space

A satellite hit him and now he screams

I wish that the Major

Would please shut up


But Elton John is still alive

And I like Don’t Stop Breaking my Heart


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