One of the most incredible benefits of studying abroad is the opportunity to explore various parts of Europe at a relatively lower cost. By using the “Skyscanner” app, one can easily discover affordable flights and accommodations, making it possible to visit dream destinations you have always dreamed of.

  My study abroad journey has been challenging due to unforeseen health issues, leaving me with little time for thorough research. Fortunately, I stumbled upon the beautiful city of Antibes on the French Rivera, and I am thrilled to share my experiences. 

  Located just about 20 minutes from the Nice Airport, Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, Antibes is a quiet, lesser-known gem in the South of France. Despite its relative obscurity, the city has more to offer than one can imagine. 

My friend and I stayed in the AC Hotel by Marriott Ambassadeur Antibes-Juan les Pins, which provided the perfect accommodation for a budget-friendly and secure experience. Situated within a 10-minute drive from the attractions we explored, the hotel offered convenience and accessibility. My personal highlight was the hotel’s indoor pool and sauna. The unique design of the pool area, reminiscent of a cave, enhanced the overall experience and added an extra peace to our stay. 

While some might perceive traveling the South of France in October as less than ideal due to the supposed decline of enjoyable weather and the official end of the season in September, I found October to be the perfect time to explore. The weather remained within the 65–70 degrees Fahrenheit range during the day. This still provided delightful beach conditions, which even allowed me to take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea. 

  Personally, I feel that the best time to visit your favorite destinations is during their off-peak season. This choice allows you to discover all the hidden beauties without the disturbance of crowds, which often ruin the true essence of all you can discover in breathtaking places. 

  One of the aspects I cherished about Antibes is its hidden beaches. Particularly in October, these beaches provide the best setting for reflection and relaxation. 

  As I sat on the beaches in Antibes, a profound sense of peace filled inside of me. Compared to the overwhelming nature of London, where one constantly finds themselves in vulnerable positions within the chaos of public transportation and bustling city life, the sandy shores of Antibes offered me much-needed rejuvenation. 

Here, I could sit, contemplate and appreciate the beauty of every corner of Europe. It became clear to me that places like the beaches in Antibes are crucial for mental rejuvenation, and generating a deeper appreciation for the world around us. 

  Beyond its beaches, Antibes has one of the most remarkable attractions—the Picasso Museum. Situated within the Grimaldi Castle in Antibes, this museum holds a distinction as the first-ever establishment dedicated to Picasso. Alongside the breathtaking collection of Picasso’s masterpieces, the captivating views of Antibes, make this museum an unforgettable destination. 

Antibes is a destination I would highly recommend to all future abroad students and travelers, as its beauty will always have a special place in my heart. 

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