I’m not gonna lie. I loved the “To All The Boys I Loved Before” book series by Jenny Han well before Netflix blessed us by making it come to life. Peter Kavinsky was, and still is, a dream to me. The sequel is coming to Netflix TODAY just in time for Valentines.


However, this is not about the lovely Lana Condor or the appearance of Jordan Fisher to rival the one and only Noah Centineo. This is about more important factors that come with films: the soundtrack. When it came down to writing this article it was almost a no-brainer when seeing the recent releases on Spotify.


I can’t begin to talk about this movie soundtrack without applauding the first film’s soundtrack. Most notably off the soundtrack is “I Like Me Better When I’m With You” by Lauv, which became a hit after the first film was released. The whole movie has a sort of hopeless romantic feel, though many feel it lays on the cheese.


The music matches this young love feel, employing an off-brand pop sound that is for sure still pop, but has a bit of something different to it. This is true for both soundtracks. For one thing, most artists on both albums are not household names, which I loved because it introduced me to some great new bands.


I am not going to talk about every single song off this feel good album for this feel good movie, but I will talk about my favorites and give a shameless plug for the release of the movie.


The second album opens with “I Can’t Believe” by Cyn, who also had a song on the first album. It’s a total feel good opener, and one can practically see Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky in their adorable albeit awkward interactions. With its catchy and upbeat sound, it is a great way to start off.


Following this is “Age of Consent” by Cayetana, which felt to me reminiscent of the first movie’s use of the iconic song “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears For Fears. It has a wonderful ‘80s feel that makes you want to dance.


Illenium also has a song on the album titled, “Crashing” ft. Bahari. For some of you House/EDM fans, Illenium has produced some popular songs like “Good Things Fall Apart” with Jon Bellion. This song has more of a pop feel than Illenium’s usual sound, but it still has that House sort of base drop in there.


I also have to give a shout out to Sofi Tukker for her song on this album. “Purple Hat” is nothing short of Tukker’s odd yet satisfying sound. It is perhaps the most different song on the album, and I am going to make the following prediction about where in the film it is going to be used: you know those typical scenes of high school parties in movies? It is going to be used there. There is simply no doubt in my mind (listen to it and you will know exactly what I am saying).


My final favorite is “Better by Myself” by Hey Violet. It is one of those songs that makes you start to tap your feet involuntarily. It is also such a great breakup anthem, if you are in need of that during this incoming Valentine’s Day.


In conclusion, if you are looking for an album of feel good songs that makes you feel like you yourself could have your very own Peter Kavinksy or Lara Jean, then look no further.

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