Fairfield University has amazing study abroad programs. Global Fairfield provides students with a wide variety of personalized opportunities to study abroad, whether it is a three-week summer program, a winter break program, a semester or a full year abroad. Florence, Sydney, Galway, Aix-En Provence, Madrid, Salamanca and more…these are all cities where you and your friends could study abroad through Fairfield.

But have you ever wondered what exactly the experiences of Fairfield study abroad students are like? Well, Global Fairfield’s new Global Stagbook is “hot off the press”! 

An initiative started by interns at Global Fairfield, Kirsten Horlbeck ‘24, Emily Miller ‘23 and Justin Sabogal ‘25, Global Stagbook is a new virtual newsletter for students written by students. It was created with the intent of providing students with an inside look into the experiences of all the international student life that Fairfield has to offer. 

It highlights a variety of experiences from different students who are currently studying abroad or who have studied abroad in the past as well as the experiences of international students currently studying at Fairfield. 

The Global Stagbook website is easy to navigate and contains a diverse range of content from students’ personal testimonials as well as information about the different programs offered, international students, “Day In the Life” experiences, and the arts, leisure and culture of different international cities. 

Each student that writes about their experience in this virtual magazine includes details such as their experience and adjustment, their classes, their favorite things to do in their city abroad and their traveling experiences with pictures included. Some of the students currently featured are Callie Hunnewell ‘24, an International Studies major who studied in Madrid, Cecelia Hall ‘24, a Psychology Behavioral Neuroscience major who studied in London, Molly Thompson ‘24, a Nursing major who studied in Galway, Autumn Goldy ‘24, a Fashion Marketing major in Florence, Alex Plaza ‘24, a Psychology major in London, Megan Lux ‘24, International Studies major in Madrid and more! 

Students can also read up on the experiences of international students who have studied or who are currently studying at Fairfield University.   

Global Stagbook is a wonderful initiative started by Global Fairfield to connect students currently abroad with students on campus who may be curious about what life abroad is like.

Global Stagbook is currently welcoming new submissions. If you have studied abroad and are interested in sharing your own experiences, email globalfairfield@fairfield.edu to find out how you can contribute!

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