Often inspired by the world around him, sculptor Don Gummer aspires to influence his viewers to reflect on their own perceptions of society. The importance of Gummer’s artwork lies within the perspective of the viewer, so that they can decide what the piecegummer1 is attempting to signify.

Gummer said, “I hope people take away from my exhibition the same sense of the world that I had at the time that I made the piece. I want to make the viewer more aware of their own place in the world.”

Drawing inspiration from the world around him, Gummer finds art not only through the physical elements of the Earth, but also through intellectual aspects. For example, Gummer can receive inspiration from the land around him to create an elaborate sculpture. He also uses these paintings and sculptures in ways to connect with the human mind so that his viewers will have a positive reaction to them.

“There is the visual world and the non-visual world,” said Gummer, “and I draw from things that happen in both of these worlds and focus on how I can make visible things serve psychological needs.”

It is an amazing honor for Fairfield to host Don Gummer, an internationally renowned artist, and his exhibition entitled, “The Armature of Emotion.” Gummer, husband to three-time Academy Award winner Meryl Streep, has generously donated his time and talent to the walls of Fairfield’s Walsh Art Gallery.

Gummer explained, “I was contacted through Linda Wolk-Simon, the curator of the museum, who asked me if I would be interested in presenting an exhibition to Fairfield. She had seen a show of drawings I had on display in the Morrison Gallery, and she became interested in my work and contacted me from there.”

More than a talented artist, Gummer’s charisma and humbleness radiate through his personality. Wanting to be involved with the design of his exhibition, Gummer makes a trip from his home in Salisbury to Fairfield during the week to assist in layout of his pieces within the gallery. Gummer wishes to inspire all who view his gallery. “After seeing the work, I hope that the viewers are intrigued and that one piece hits a point in them to make them want to go back and work,” he said.

Whether it be art, sports or academics, Gummer aspires for all viewers to be moved in such a way that they feel inspired to work harder on their own professions and interests. The exhibition will be open to the public until June 11, and all are encouraged to come and observe these inspiring pieces that have been brought to Stag Nation.

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