With the chilly weather arriving, it is hard to deny that we have entered into Fall; and, more notably, sweater weather. It can be difficult to dress during the transitions between seasons, as the weather experiences such drastic changes from the morning to midday to night. However, this does not prevent Fall from being arguably one of the most dimensional and interesting seasons of fashion. The layering and earthy color palette that this season induces make it virtually impossible to not want to revamp your entire wardrobe with “Gilmore Girls” inspired pieces. Luckily, you won’t be required to spend a ton of money. I am here to show you how to style pieces that you already own (or can get for a reasonable price) into a trendy and fresh outfit perfect for autumn. Not only is it sustainable, but it helps you save some money for all the other fun fall activities you are likely to have in store!

First on the list, we have a few basics that you will need to complete any and all of these outfits. Plain tops in neutral colors are an absolute must, as they are great for layering and adding a touch of simplicity to an outfit that has lots of color and texture to it. Having basic tops in a variety of styles, lengths and with different details and embellishments truly can turn a good outfit into a great one. Careful attention to how appliques and more dimensional elements work with each other is truly one of the most important steps to creating successful fall outfits, as it can be very easy to go overboard with textures or add too many moody colors on top of one another.

Another necessity for the perfect fall outfit is a solid array of pants. There are so many different styles and cuts to play around with, and while some of these are certainly more obvious than others, it is important to note them all. A set of jeans that you love is intrinsic to the perfect wardrobe, though it can be difficult to find pairs that suit your own personal needs and preferences. Some of my favorites for this year have been flare and low-waisted styles, with tasteful rips and featured in washes ranging from light to mid. This, however, is simply what looks best on me, so I certainly will not tell you that high-rise jeans or other styles are “out” by any means. I have also been playing with trousers, both in neutral tones and in bold prints, as well as cargo pants in a variety of colors and with different embellishments that range from a more tailored to a more military-esque look. Pairing interesting pants with a basic top is a super easy way to elevate your style, all while wearing things that you feel confident in. Of course, we can not talk about fall fashion without mentioning leggings and sweatpants. While these are perfect for a relaxing evening, they can also be dressed up with a plain long-sleeve and some high-top sneakers. There is a lot of room within all of these suggestions to infuse your own personal style, so don’t be afraid to try something new while still staying within your general comfort zone.

Finally, one of the trickier segments of garments can be finding the right outerwear. While it isn’t necessarily always chilly enough to wear a full-fledged winter coat, some additional protection from the elements is certainly necessary. Adding a flannel, a shacket or a light leather jacket is the perfect way to introduce some pattern and texture to any look. It is a virtually effortless addition, as the only caution you must act with is to not go overboard with too many statement pieces. Outerwear, despite its practicality, does not need to be boring – find ways to make it exciting!

While you may be looking at the list of ideas above and wondering how on earth you are going to afford all these new pieces, fear no more. Tons of the articles of clothing listed above can be found at any local thrift or second-hand store, which is always a great place to start when revamping your wardrobe. Not only is it a more sustainable way to shop, but it also saves you a ton of money in the long run. Though I realize the likelihood of you applying all these fashion tips in a singular season is slim to none, I hope that I have brought you some autumn outfit inspiration that you are sure to “fall” in love with!

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