Ten years ago, if you had told Marc Prescott ‘15 that he would be in a band and in love with music, he wouldn’t have believed you.

Yet today he is a member of both the Fairfield University Pep Band and Nothing2Simple, an alternative/punk band he formed with hometown high school friends.

With him as the drummer, his fellow bandmates include pianist and vocalist guitarist Nate Schull, lead vocalist Matt Velardi, and rhythm guitarist Billy McKane.

The band came together in 2009, combining all of their musical influences to create a great collaboration of memorable bands. It is evident in their single “For the Record” that the band has been influenced by groups like alternative-pop band Relient K and the well known Green Day.

However, the band still incorporates its own flare by using the keyboards.

When asked about the use of keyboards, Prescott said,“I just think that adds a whole other aspect to the sound and it really allows us to work with so many things because not only can we have the piano, [but] Nate also includes Synth sound.”

Prescott began to play the drums in fourth grade, and in eighth grade he upgraded to a full set. His father and siblings all played the drums, so his choice of instrument came with no hesitation.

“I didn’t put too much thought, from what I can remember, into being a drummer,” Prescott recalled. “But as time went on and my brothers kind of stopped playing drums, my love for drums only grew.”

The drums didn’t stop him from trying out different instruments. Dabbling in both guitar and keyboard, Prescott has also expanded his horizons and allowed himself to become a well-rounded musician.

Prescott, who is constantly smiling and tapping along to a song, has also brought optimism to the band.

“We kind of make it a point to talk to other bands and make friends with them,” said Prescott. “Too many times I’ve gone to a show and I would try to strike up a conversation with other bands, and they would give me one-word answers and shrug me off.”

This attitude has helped Nothing2Simple book its next performance, which is scheduled for March 10 at the American Legion Hall in Southington, Conn.

You can check out more music before the EP comes out later this year and sample songs such as “For the Record” on their Facebook page or on purevolume.com/Nothing2Simple.

Prescott confessed that he doesn’t know where he’ll be musically in the next 10 years, but the future looks bright for Prescott and his bandmates. He said: “I mean, who knows? Only time will tell.”

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