When you finish with your meal, do you and your friends ever say, “Let’s go see what’s for dessert,” only to be disappointed with the cherry cobbler, stale cookies and Jell-o selections? Well, it’s time to think outside the box and make your own creation that is almost as good as Las Vetas’ Brownie Explosion. Take five minutes out of your Barone Dining Hall experience and try this new way of enjoying your dessert!


1 brownie or cookie (whatever is available for the day)

3 scoops of ice cream (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are recommended)

Whipped cream

Chocolate syrup

Any kind of toppings: rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips, etc.

1 banana


Put your brownie/cookie in a small bowl and warm up in microwave for 30 seconds.

Choose three ice cream flavors and add to bowl (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry is a good combination!).

Add any extra toppings or chocolate syrup.

Add whipped cream from the waffle station.

Cut up a banana and put on top of dessert.


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