With this quick and easy method, you will be able to make perfect scrambled eggs at the stir-fry station. These tips and some practice is all you need.

Tip #1: Familiarize yourself with the stir-fry station.

There are eight burners with clean pans hanging above them. Cartons of liquid eggs are in ice tubs on either side of the central condiments counter. Hot sauce, olive oil, soy sauce and clean spatulas are scattered around the station. You can use ingredients from anywhere in the dining hall.

Tip #2: Borrow from other stations.

What you’ll need to begin cooking:
• Napkin from one of the dining tables
• Glass of milk (2% or Whole) from the drink station
• Spoon from the soup station

Place a pan on the burner and fill the bottom with a thin coating of olive oil. Use the napkin to spread the oil around the pan.

Turn the “On/Off” dial to 10. It takes roughly two minutes for the pan to completely heat up. Use this time to gather your ingredients.

There are countless variations of scrambled eggs:
• Playing it safe: tomatoes, a sprinkle of onion, and lots of cheese
• Feeling bold: ham, onion, meat sauce, tomatoes, and hot sauce

Tip #3: Wait until the pan is hot before you start cooking.

Take a small ice cube from the tub of egg cartons and drop it onto the pan. If it sizzles and immediately turns to steam, it’s ready for the eggs.

Take a carton of Whole Eggs from the ice tub and pour a generous amount into the pan. Quickly add 5-7 scoops of milk with the spoon. This will make the eggs fluffier.

The eggs will cook unevenly. When a section has cooked, scrape it across the pan with a spatula.

Tip #4: With a spatula, less equals more. Don’t overuse it.

Make eggs as if you were cooking a cheeseburger – when one side of the patty is done, you flip it over, let it cook, add the cheese, and put it on your plate.
In the same way:
• Let your eggs cook
• Flip each section over after it sets.
• Add the toppings

Let the eggs and toppings cook for roughly a minute. Flip them every 10 seconds to mix them together. Add salt and pepper if you prefer. Then, slide the scrambled eggs on your plate and enjoy!

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