Sitting atop a cloud above, cupid sharpens his bow, marking the start of the season of love. With Valentine’s Day here, the search for the perfect gift intensifies, echoing the sentiments of love and appreciation. Whether celebrating with a significant other, cherished friends or beloved family members, the quest for a meaningful token of affection can be both exciting and daunting. In a world abundant with options, navigating the vast array of gifts to find one that encapsulates the depth of one’s feelings can be a journey in itself. From traditional gestures to innovative creations, the possibilities are endless. If you are scrambling, do not freight, as I have crafted a list of the most perfect gifts to share this Valentine’s Day! Read quickly and then get to a store even quicker to pick up that perfect gift ! 

Sweet Treats

Experiencing the after-holiday slump? I know I am! Who doesn’t love some sugary sweet treats as a pick-me-up?

Chocolate Hearts

 A box of heart-shaped assorted chocolates is a classic for Valentines. Ghirardelli hearts are some of my favorites! The perfect mixture of crunch and gooey sweetness, they also have options for the white chocolate and dark chocolate (my personal favorite) lovers in your life. Not into fancy chocolates? Well who doesn’t love the Peanuts? I know I would love to receive Snoopy themed kisses this Valentine’s!  

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are also a classic Valentine’s Day treat! Made easily at home or picked up from a local grocery store, these berries provide the perfect mix of sweet and tart. They never disappoint! 

Homemade Cookies 

What says love more than some good ol’ homemade cookies! The possibilities are endless, from chocolate chip to the infamous oatmeal raisin, throwing on an apron and rolling out some delectable dough will make the perfect gift! 

Cup of Coffee

 Don’t like chocolate? No worries! Getting your loved one their favorite cup of coffee from your local cafe will be sure to put a smile on their face. As a Boston girl myself, my go to is always Dunkin’. This holiday season marked the return of the Pink Velvet Macchiato, which in my opinion, is the perfect cup of joe for the season of love! 


Can’t make it to the stores? Who doesn’t love a DIY night? Pull out some art supplies and get to work with these next ideas!


What better way to show your appreciation for someone other than making a memory book! Collect all of your favorite photos and mementos and make a piece of art that will last forever! 


On a similar note, decorating a framed photo of you and a loved one that can be placed in their home as a reminder of your shared love is an incredible gift! 

Paper Bouquet 

Want a bouquet of flowers that will never wilt? Would you believe that paper is the only thing you need? Following the steps from this Paper Flower Tutorial you can craft an everlasting bouquet in mere minutes!

Friendship Bracelets

Take a page out of the Swifties book and make some friendship bracelets! With a little bit of string and some beautiful beads, a stylish piece of jewelry can be crafted as a token of appreciation!

Stuffed Animals

Receiving a new fluffy friend is always an amazing way to spend your Valentine’s Day!


Why just purchase your new buddy when you can create your own! Take a trip to Build-A-Bear where you can choose a stuffed animal, dress it, name it, and make it your own! You can even drip them out with the latest Valentine’s fashion


Taking the world by storm, these cuddly toys act not only as a new friend but a comfy pillow


These cute and fluffy friends are not only extremely adorable, but they help you “find love wherever you are”!

Whether you are spending this day of love with a significant other, family, or friends, these gifts are sure to show your appreciation, and put a smile on everyone’s faces! Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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