Maybe you’ve heard Chicago-based indie pop band Beach Bunny’s popular songs, “Prom Queen” or “Painkiller.” Although not at the stardom level of similar artists, Beach Bunny manages to individualize their music in an addictive way that. They released their newest album, “Honeymoon” on Feb. 14. Perfectly in time for Valentine’s Day, “Honeymoon” talks about love, whether it’s about loving another person or loving yourself.

Beach Bunny’s style is smooth and relaxing while never being boring to listen to. The lead singer Lili Trifilio’s vocals are simultaneously strong while still melding with the instrumentals, and often they mix together in a way where neither overpowers the other. What makes their indie pop more unique is Beach Bunny’s tendency to add flairs of rock into their songs, despite their initial mellow sounds.

“Promises” is one of the stand-out songs on the album because of its fantastic use of layers. The bass guitar and drums hold this song together in a way that grounds it and makes it so easy to enjoy. The lead guitar adds a layer of flair to the groundwork of the bass guitar and drums. The lyrics tell the story of a person who was broken up with, but it doesn’t blame the other party like breakup songs often do. It focuses on the inner turmoil of the narrator as they try to move on with life.

One of the best songs on the album is “Rearview.” It isn’t the type of song I necessarily gravitate towards. It’s soft and quiet for most of the song, focusing only on the vocal and guitar, and it’s a song about pining for a person after a breakup. It also focuses on the narrator’s struggles with their self-image. My favorite part of this song, and the reason why I go back to it time and time again to relisten, is when the guitar is replaced with a bass guitar and Trifilio’s singing turns into something more akin to a chant. It’s a breakdown that turns a basic song into something I’d love to yell along with at a concert.

“Dream Boy” is a fun song to bop along to. The unusual rhythm and catchy rhymes give it a unique quality even though the lyrics clearly reference cliché love tropes. The drums stand out in this song because they blend in to the song perfectly while taking it to a new level. It’s the perfect song to dance to when no one is looking.

“Racetrack” has the simplicity and ease of listening to a lullaby, but the sentimental lyrics and Trifilio’s lonesome lyrics give the lullaby a fresh, romantic touch. The piano sounds like a toy piano with its staccato but echoing sound. It’s a song I could fall asleep to or a song I could cry about unrequited love to, depending on the day.

I think the only issue I have with this album is that it doesn’t stand out with the sea of love albums. The themes, although universally relatable, aren’t original ideas. The thing that made me want to listen to the whole thing is my love for Beach Bunny’s past music, their down-to-earth vibe and Trifilio’s hypnotizing vocals.

Beach Bunny’s new album is an in-depth celebration of love packaged in a wistfully heartwarming little bow. It’s a great listen to rock out to or listen casually as you do homework. Although “Honeymoon” doesn’t do anything particularly original, there’s something so soothing listening to the album, and I’d recommend it overall nevertheless.

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