Spotted Horse

26-28 Church Lane

Westport, CT

**** out of *****

$$$ out of $$$$

The Spotted Horse is right around the corner from the center of Westport. The bright orange awnings are the only aspect preventing one from mistaking it for a house. The interior resembles a barn with wood, playing a major role in its décor. It has a cozy atmosphere and the staff is warm and inviting to match. It is definitely a great weekday spot because it is casual enough to go straight from class. Check it out, you will be pleased. Here are my selections:

Recommended Small Plates:

Crispy Point Judith Calamari with three dipping sauces: chili-lime aioli, sweet thai chili sauce and marinara. The variety of sauces sets this appetizer apart from all the other times you have had calamari. The chili-lime aioli is refreshing and easily my favorite of the three.

Pan-Seared Filet Tips, with roasted corn salsa and chipotle aioli. Tips are not the traditional appetizer, but these are light enough to enjoy before a meal. The salsa compliments the tender meat and makes it a much more flavorful dish.

Pistachio Goat Cheese Pizzetta- Grilled flatbread topped with pistachios, goat cheese, mushrooms, red onion and honey truffle oil. The sharp cheese pairs perfectly with the pistachios. Overall, a great appetizer to split and the truffle honey is the perfect addition to the toppings.

Recommended Main Courses:

Black Truffle Burger- With caramelized onion, black truffle butter, sunny side up egg, bel paese cheese, lettuce and tomato, this is one of the best burgers I have had in Fairfield county. The meat is from the craft butchery and therefore is grade A. The egg and the truffle butter make it rich and unique. This is a must try.

Steak Frites- With a red wine-shallot reduction and parmesan fries, this classic dish is exactly what you would expect and satisfies every time. The sweet reduction is perfect with the thin sliced flank steak.


Chocolate Lava Cake- Light chocolate cake with a very rich liquid chocolate center and vanilla ice cream. Recommended especially for the chocolate lover.

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