Lots of items go in and out of style quickly due to the fast-moving fashion industry. However, every so often old trends seem to come flying right back onto store shelves. I can only hope that sometime soon these 10 forgotten stylish fads will be reintroduced and made trendy once again!

  1. Leather Jackets – Yes, please! Ever since I was a little girl, I religiously watched the movie “Grease.” If you have seen this musical, you would know that the ‘T-Birds’ made this accessory look like a total must-have for all guys. With the temperature starting to drop, make sure to keep this type of jacket in the back of your mind. 
  2. Colorful Windbreakers – I love all things eye-catching, which is unquestionably what 80’s windbreakers are. Bright neon colors on a cozy jacket…what could be more trendy than this? These would look so cute paired with leggings, or mom jeans and chunky white sneakers. 
  3. High Rise Bell Bottoms/Flare Jeans – I can not express enough how extremely flattering these pants are on the majority of body types. These jeans really accentuate someone’s curves and figure. Unlike skinny jeans, where the pant ends at your ankle, the wide leg bottom of the flare gives you a more lengthy look as well. Added height and an hourglass figure sounds like a win-win to me.
  4. Go Go Boots – Even if these don’t become widely popular again, I know that I will still be purchasing my own white pair. These can never go out of style. You can wear Go Go boots with a dress, flare jeans or boho pants. They can pretty much go with anything when styled right. 
  5. Saddle shoes – Okay, hear me out. Some people may think these resemble bowling shoes, but I love them. The most popular style, with the black and white colors, can be worn with so many trendy outfits. Dresses, skirts and pants can all be finished off well with a pair of these flats.
  6. Head Scarfs – Most teenage girls have recently invested in colorful and silky bandanas this past year, and I am one of them. The most common way of styling them has consisted of the ‘boho’ method: two strands of front hair pieces pulled out for framing and the rest in the back wrapped within the scarf. I absolutely love this. However, there are two other seriously fashionable ways to wear this piece of cloth. One way is to wear it over the top of the head with a knot below the chin (60’s style) or over the top of the head with a knot on the side of the forehead (70’s style). Right now, it may look overwhelming with half of our faces already covered with masks. However, once the pandemic is over, I will be sure to flaunt these styles and so should you!
  7. Shoulder Pads – I already own a couple of shirts with shoulder pads, but I know that it isn’t considered widely ‘popular’ in today’s fashion world, like it was in the 80’s. However, I feel like this extra cloth adds a sense of power and ‘pizazz’ to your look. Any blazer or top with this additional design is super stylish.
  8. Men’s 50’s Haircut – I’m not saying that the current trendy haircut for men right now isn’t good. The current side fade with a longer section on top is pretty similar to this 50’s style. Yet, the sides then weren’t as short and the top usually curls right above the forehead. This cut would look clean, professional and attractive on any man.
  9. Farrah Fawcett Hair – This 70’s look is so hot! Right now I see a lot of girls on Tik Tok asking their hairdresser for curtain bangs. That is actually really similar to this style. The layering, volume and definition is so attractive. I think this cut frames the face well and adds some flair to a woman’s look.
  10. 60’s Shades – I already have a huge collection of funky sunglasses stored in the center console of my car. I love shades with all different shapes and colors. In the 60’s, popular glasses consisted of super round, colorful and thick lenses. These are so stylish and should totally be popular in the warmer months to add to your summer look.

Throughout the decades, people have experienced so many fashion trends in clothing, shoes and accessories, like the styles above. While everyone has a different taste in styles, it’s safe to say that these 10 trends of the past should definitely NOT be in anyone’s closet ever again.

  1. Patterned leggings – In middle school, galaxy, flower and animal print leggings were so popular. Now, I view them as loud, obnoxious and not the most matchable item. I love leggings, but my recommendation is to stick to solid colors. 
  2. Jean skirts over jeans – Thankfully, I can say that I have never participated in this style. In addition to it already looking extremely uncomfortable, it’s also a very weird way of pairing clothing together. Whoever thought of this combo undoubtedly has some explaining to do.
  3. Shorts over leggings – This one isn’t too bad, but I just find myself asking, why? Wear shorts, wear leggings or wear pants. To me, it looks like you couldn’t decide what to wear that day, so you picked both. 
  4. Filas – I am fully aware that these sneakers were extremely popular right before quarantine. They were everywhere and then nowhere over the span of a month. Personally, I only wear white shoes, but these babies are a no from me. If you were the person to impulsively buy them when they were ‘in,’ keep them hidden in the back of your closet. 
  5. Plastic jelly flats – I remember in elementary school every girl had a sparkly pair of jelly flats. Why? I’m not really sure, considering they were not only very uncomfortable, but also literally had holes everywhere along the shoe. Whenever I took off my own pair I would have an outline of dirt on my feet. This is extremely gross and definitely unsanitary. 
  6. Rat tails – Looking through pictures from the 80’s, when this style was ‘trendy,’ I find myself cackling. The name of this haircut is very fitting. Anyone who has this style resembles a rodent, period. You do not want this. I love Remy from “Ratatouille,” but any hairdresser who lets you walk out of their shop looking like him should not be a hairdresser in the first place.
  7. Mullets on Guys – This cut on a female can totally be fashionable if styled correctly; it actually seems to be coming back after Miley Cyrus changed her hair to the shag look. However, boys, please don’t join this trend. It looks greasy, gross and I will automatically refer to you as ‘Joe Dirt.’ And no, that is not a compliment. 
  8. Camouflage – If you were wearing camo in the 80’s or 90’s, it was a big indicator that you ‘listened to pop music.’ In 2020, I feel like this pattern should strictly be reserved for our military branches or hunters. I find any type of clothing with this design really unflattering on anyone. 
  9. Shutter Sunglasses – I have no idea how these are even called sunglasses. In no way, shape or form do these protect your eyes from the sun. The lens area is replaced with plastic strips over the eyes, which also makes them hard for people to see out of. These can be fun to use for party photo booth pictures, but should stay in that category alone. 
  10. Anything Mustache – Does anyone remember in 2012 when everyone was obsessed with mustaches? On most shirts, socks, jewelry, bags or sunglasses there would just be the staple image of that black mustache. I can’t explain to anyone why this was a phase we went through, and honestly, it’s a cursed memory I have. I beg any fashion creators or clothing stores to please, never make this a thing again, and if you still own any of these pieces, burn them.

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