Though daunting in size, this popular book will sweep you off your feet with an unexpected and explosive opening. For fans of Donna Tartt and her popular debut, “The Secret History”, her recent novel will continue to captivate artsy and literary-minded readers. The novel is also already on its way to being adapted to either a television show or film by the producers of “The Hunger Games.” A New York Times Bestseller and Pulitzer Prize winner, this book has been deemed the “it book” of 2014 by some and rejected by others who call it a children’s book for adults. My advice is to put the criticism aside and read this book. The author weaves a brilliant story using beautiful language and unforgettable characters.  Although it’s 700 pages, you will find yourself deeply entrenched in the novel’s depth and highly crafted level of suspense. 

The epic centers on the life of Theo Decker, who has undergone a horrific trauma while visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art with his mother. A vicious terrorist attack on priceless works of art and the people inside the museum enjoying them turns Theo’s life upside down as a result of his mother’s death and his survival. Amidst the wreckage, he spots an old man on the edge of death attempting to speak to him.  At his request, Theo wwabsconds with Fabritius’ 1654 masterpiece, “The Goldfinch.” As the novel progresses through his life, Theo moves from place to place meeting eccentric and off-kilter people: a young, well-travelled Russian boy, a reclusive furniture restorer and a charitable Park Avenue family, just to name a few.  But what happens to the painting? You’ll be propelled along to find out if he continues to smuggle the masterpiece or chooses another option. The unforeseen events and circumstances that evolve make the reader’s journey worthwhile and rewarding.  The next time you’re snowed in and caught up on class projects, delve into this masterfully told tale — you won’t regret it. goldfinch

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