As a growing artist, the experience of creating works of art through my own conceptual interpretations has been an eye-opening one. In using books as a medium to construct and reconstruct both the physical and interpretive representation, I have grown to appreciate found objects and repurposing books in a creative way. I found a gateway to explore the creative possibilities of books as an art form. The tools and techniques that I have learned opened up a door into thinking creatively and conceptually.

Books can be seen as bodies, and their hidden bindings of its pages tell a different story if we listen closely and think deeper. Art as a discipline can be applied to anything and offers up the opportunity to explore things we might ignore. The deconstruction and reconstruction process of the books transform its literal form into a new form. Using thread, book covers and its pages into installation pieces sounds simple but its presence proves that the materials can create something complex yet meditative. 

My true purpose for my book artwork is to encourage an experience that is subjective and self-reflective for the viewer. Looking and experiencing can be two separate actions but what is needed is an open mind. We tend to go about our lives taking in everything for what it is, rather than exploring what could be. Just as the books can be transformative, we have the same capability. We are deep beings with complex layers and internal connections from our mind, body and soul. 

Editor’s Note: “Book Self” by Justin Gomez ’21 is available for viewing in the Lukacs Gallery in Loyola Hall from March 2 – March 5.


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