When it comes to movie theaters, many states have reopened cinemas to the public and added extra COVID-19 guidelines to ensure every customer feels safe and at ease while having a cinematic experience. Sure, there are no new releases, but theaters have had the bonus of showing classics to even mainstream films at a low price. Many theaters have decided to go with the streaming route of showing current and classic titles for a low price to beat their competitors. The big question on everyone’s mind is: when will New York City finally open its doors to the public? Well, we finally have an answer. 

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, finally announced a specific date when theaters could finally open: March 5. Many large theater chains such as AMC, Cinemark, Regel, etc., are very excited about the reopening after the detrimental effects on their economy during the ongoing pandemic. While some are opening on the previously mentioned date, Independent film cinemas and forums are pushing it back by just a bit to make sure everyone is ready to go back to the movies and that they feel comfortable while maintaining COVID guidelines. The new guidelines do not include prior Coronavirus testing before heading into the theater, but they will only be opening the theaters for 50 percent max capacity of the audience. During the COVID-19 outbreak, theater chains were getting by on creating an “on-demand” streaming service, which allowed audiences to stream new and classic films at a low price. Again, there are no new releases this far. But, the theater chains have been very gratifying by giving people the chance to witness classics in a theater with a crowd for a low cost. It is not much, but it is slowly doing wonders for these chains. 


As you can see from this latest update, a sense of normalcy is slowly approaching. Movie theaters are ready to be opened in one of the world’s largest cities, which means AMC and other theater chains will not have to worry about how they will manage to stay afloat financially. Hopefully, these theater chains, both big and small, will make sure to take COVID-19 precautions very seriously since the virus is not over yet. They must take safety to be their number one priority!


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