Southern Connecticut’s cold, windy weather is coming in strong at Fairfield University. With temperatures dropping into the single digits, it can be hard to find things to do while staying warm. Here are some fun activities you can do in your dorm or around campus this winter!

  1. Host a movie night in with friends

This is a great way to spend time with friends without having to spend any time out in the cold. Gather your friends in your dorm for a night in. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other streaming services are home to a nearly endless supply of movies. If you don’t have a television in your dorm, apartment or townhouse, movies on these services can be streamed right on your laptop. There are also small projectors available for purchase online that are great space-savers for dorm living. Pair your movie with microwave popcorn and other snacks and enjoy spending time staying warm in the great indoors.

  1. Take advantage of your lounge’s kitchen

If you’re living in a dorm this year, you’re probably aware of the lounges on some floors of your building. The communal kitchens found in dorm lounges are often an underutilized perk. While sheltering from the cold weather, take full advantage of this amenity. Baking is a great way to pass time, especially during these cold winter months. Plus, it leaves you with a treat to enjoy once you’ve finished. Either alone or with roommates or friends, baking is the perfect cold-weather activity. What you choose to bake is up to you: it can be as simple as premade Pillsbury sugar cookies or as complicated as an extravagant cake recipe. Be sure to clean up the kitchen so that the next baker isn’t left with a mess.

  1. Attend indoor events in your building and on campus

If you want to get out of your room while still staying warm, take advantage of some of the many events offered on campus. RAs in each building regularly host programs for their residents. This is a fun way to connect with the other students on your floor while making a craft or participating in another activity. Fairfield @ Night also hosts a variety of events for students. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, the organization runs events like movie nights and crafts. These fun, free events are super convenient and a perfect way to do something different on a cold night. 

  1.  Explore a new part of campus

If you’re willing to get outside and take on the cold weather, there are plenty of interesting spots around Fairfield’s campus to explore. This winter, visit a part of campus you’ve never been to before. You can take a trip to the Fairfield University Art Museum. This is a great way to spend a cold afternoon–you can shelter from the wind and learn a thing or two at the same time. Another great spot on campus to explore is the “hidden” zen garden. This is a beautiful place to walk around; just make sure to bundle up.

  1. Brave the cold for a Fairfield tradition

When we eventually (finally) get a snowy day here in Fairfield, head outside to enjoy a classic winter activity: sledding. Every year, families and students alike can be found gathered in front of the DiMenna-Nyselius Library to sled down the hill. With enough snow on the ground, this big hill makes for the perfect sledding spot. Gather your winter gear, grab a sled and join in on the fun!

Sometimes it seems like there is nothing to do on a cold winter day, but these ideas can help you pass the time until the warmer weather comes along. Next time you’re unsure of how to make the most of a freezing day, pull out this list for some fun ideas.

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Junior | Assistant News Editor | Digital Journalism Major | Editing and Publishing Minor

Junior | Assistant News Editor | Digital Journalism Major | Editing and Publishing Minor

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