A real live version of “Gilmore Girls” took place on the Historic Old Town Hall Green in Fairfield this past Saturday, Oct. 15. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with over 70 local businesses, vendors, crafters and retailers spread out across the lawn selling their best and most popular products. Many of these entrepreneurs can usually be found at the Sherman Green every Sunday for Fairfield’s weekly Farmer’s Market; however, as the weather starts to get chillier, the town hosts a huge celebration for the end of the 2022 season. The event was free and open to the public.

Some notable items sold throughout the day consisted of handmade candles, clothing, honey, essential oils, ceramics, woodworking and jewelry. At one of the booths, a beautiful pair of dangly, green malachite earrings caught my eye, but they were unfortunately around $165 – as a college student, that just isn’t in my budget. Most of the stands revolved around pets and dogs, however, as one of the main sponsors of the event was Pet Pantry Warehouse. There were treats, CBD oil, toys and so many other items that customers could buy to spoil their furry friends with!

Once I was done “window shopping,” I headed over to the front of the event where a ginormous pumpkin laid front and center. A line of people stood before it, guessing the weight in hopes of earning a prize (which was not specified) at the end of the event. Of course, I had to try it for myself and hope that luck was on my side because most people know I am not mathematically inclined enough to accurately guess what the actual weight of the pumpkin would be. 

My favorite part of the event started at noon though. And that was the Dog Halloween Costume Parade. At 11:45 a.m., all of the dogs lined up along the side of Old Town Hall, and on the stroke of noon, began to walk across Old Post Road revealing their creative and spooky costumes. Some of my favorites included a small furry prisoner and a bigger bumble bee!

As the afternoon started to die down, and there was nothing left to do, my friends and I headed towards the back lot where all of the food trucks were stationed. Local restaurants such as Bodega Taco, Super Duper Weenie, LobsterCraft, Dude’s Donuts and Mooriah’s Ice Cream were all among the lineup. Seeing that it is my birthday in a few days, I treated myself to a coastal lobster roll from LobsterCrafts meal on wheels for $26 after tax. In addition to the heavily seasoned and buttery roll, it came with a side of flavored chips. While one of my claws fell on the ground (and my heart broke a little), I was still definitely filled up until later that night. My roommates and I also strolled over to Dude’s Donuts where we tried some chilled apple cider for $4 and apple cinnamon and sugar donuts for $3. Although the drinks were refreshing, we were wishing that the pastries came warm and filled with actual pieces of apple. Nevertheless, it was a nice treat for a gorgeous fall day.

Parallel to the food trucks, the Fairfield Rotary Beer Garden stayed lively in its hidden nook. For attendees 21 and plus, a $5 entrance fee was enforced for craft beer, live music, the potential for prizes and more. 

The Fairfield Harvest Market is my absolute favorite event that takes place in town. Every year, I anticipate its arrival as I count down the days, and this year did not disappoint! While it’s an entire year away until the next one, I’m already excited to attend this perfect autumn celebration once again.

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