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Since I grew up in an extremely health-cautious household, I have always been prone to shopping for organic foods.

When I shop in a grocery store, I read the labels, searching for the shortest list of ingredients. Trader Joe’s has recently become my new obsession.

Trader Joe’s first opened in 1957 (originally called Pronto Markets), and prides themselves on frequently buying directly from suppliers and keeping their prices as low as possible. They are true to their promise of low prices, they maintain a welcoming environment, and they have friendly, helpful employees.

The only complaint I have about Trader Joe’s is there is no fresh deli and there is not a large enough fruit section (I’d also stay away from their prepared refrigeration section). The store has a notable selection of grains, dried fruit, and a variety of gourmet frozen entrees (which any college student is likely to appreciate).

This simple stir-fry recipe I created after a refreshing, economical trip to Trader Joe’s. It is quick (about a 30 minute preparation time), and completely guilt-free since all the ingredients are 100% organic. I try not to overload on oil since it is high in calories, instead using sauces such teriyaki and/or soy to moisten the vegetables, and I used a grain called buckwheat.

Organically grown on a family farm in South Dakota, it is a great source of fiber and protein, helping to provide amino acids and a pleasant feeling of fullness.

This recipe is a delightful combination of easy, healthy, and satisfying.

Cook the buckwheat as directed on the package. After adding the buckwheat to the boiling water (as directed), add the spices and let simmer until water is absorbed.

Warm up a saucepan with olive oil on medium heat. Add the garlic and onions, sauté,  and then add the broccoli, zucchini, chicken sausage and spices. Cook on medium-high until the vegetables are tender (about eight minutes). Then add the tomatoes, shoots and teriyaki sauce. Cook on medium-low for one minute, then remove from heat.

Take a scoop of the prepared buckwheat and then add an appropriate portion of the stir-fry on top. Bon appetit!


(Serves 3-4)


For Buckwheat:

1 cup dried Eden Organic Buckwheat

1 tsp. Chicken Flavor Bouillon (or chicken broth)

Dash of Salt & Pepper


For Stir-Fry:

1 tbsp. olive oil

1 1/2 tsp. Chopped Garlic

½ Onion, chopped

3 Sweet Italian Chicken Sausages (chopped into slices)

1 cup Broccoli

1 Zucchini, chopped

Dash of Garlic Powder

Salt & Pepper

6 Red tomatoes (mini)

Organic Tea Shoots (large handful)

3 tbsp. Teriyaki sauce (or soy sauce)

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