In September of my first year of college, I was excited about many aspects of my new life in Connecticut. I was looking forward to experiencing the New England fall foliage, living the dark academia aesthetic and meeting my forever people. Yes, I know this sounds delusional. However, this is not where these highly unrealistic expectations of college life end. The thing I was most excited about was the activities fair. Anyone who has seen the 2012 cult-classic film “Pitch Perfect” will know, this was my deciding moment. This fair was where I would find my place, my group and would set the tone for my next four years at Fairfield.

Of course, this was all extremely fanciful thinking; choosing which clubs to join is not what makes or breaks your college experience. It is, however, a great place to start. As someone who has joined their fair share of clubs, I will recommend my favorites.

A club that I am new to this semester is the Stags Sports Writers Club. Here, student writers are invited to write articles about the happenings in professional sports. For the first time since its inception, the SSWC has a female president, Olivia Scott ‘25. She says, “My goal for the club this year is to create a space where people can talk about their favorite sports while exercising their writing skills.” The club does not have weekly meetings but they do plan to host fun sports-related events like Sunday Night Football watch parties and jersey designing. You can stay up to date with the SSWC on Instagram at @stagsportswritersclub and stay tuned for the new website,

Another great club to get involved with is Relay For Life, a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society. I have been a part of Relay since my freshman year, and at my high school before that. Students spend the year (primarily the second semester) planning the event where the entire Fairfield community is invited to walk in remembrance of those who have battled cancer. Last year, the club raised $26,000 which were donated directly to the American Cancer Society to fund cancer research. The club is split into committees dedicated to carrying out tasks like marketing, finance, entertainment and outreach. This year I am very excited to be a part of the Executive Board with fellow juniors Kyle Gallagher, Emilie Drolet, Allie Defrancisco and Kelly Mcrae. You can follow our journey all the way through to our event in the spring by following the Fairfield University chapter of Relay for Life on Instagram @rflfairfieldu.

As a junior, I am still looking for new clubs to join because I not only love meeting new people, but also love procrastinating doing my homework. Even if you are not sure if a certain club is right for you, I always recommend going to one meeting just to feel it out. The best part of being in clubs in college is that they are super low stress and usually low commitment. The students in charge are literally in your shoes! They definitely understand the crazy schedules that come with college and will not fault you if you miss a meeting or five. 

I hope you find your perfect club, or see you at one of mine!

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Class of 2025

Christina Silvestri is an English Major with minors in Editing & Publishing and Italian Language & Literature.

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