If there’s one thing I’ve dedicated my time to this semester, it would have to be finding the perfect coffee shop in the town of Fairfield to either grab a bite to eat or sit and get some work done. As much as I love a good cram session at the Dimenna-Nyselius Library, it’s always nice to switch it up with a change of scenery every once in a while. And the bonus of studying in a coffee shop is the food and beverages! After having visited just about every coffee shop and cafe in the town of Fairfield in an attempt to find the best coffee and breakfast sandwiches, I feel I have a bit of authority to speak to which are my favorites. 

1. Candlewood Market

This is arguably my favorite study spot in the town of Fairfield. You can find me at Candlewood Market just about every weekend doing homework or running in for a cup of coffee on my way to work during the week. Candlewood Market is a family-owned business, roasting coffee for over 12 years and opening up a storefront in the SPORTSPLEX in Fairfield, Conn. with their continued growth. 

One of my favorite aspects of Candlewood Market is its atmosphere. With its bright spacious building with plenty of comfortable seating, it makes for the perfect space to sit for hours and get some work done.

And I cannot speak of Candlewood Market without mentioning the delicious food and drink options. It is more than just a coffee shop with an array of coffees, teas, kombucha, sandwiches, pizza, ice cream, milkshakes and more on their menu. Some of my favorite menu items include the real fruit smoothies, the breakfast sandwiches and, of course, the coffee. From the friendly staff to the delicious food to the wonderful atmosphere, I cannot say enough good things about Candlewood Market.

2. Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table seems to be a fan favorite among Fairfield students, and after going more frequently, I can see why. Though I often find myself stopping in to grab a coffee and a breakfast sandwich, Chef’s Table is more than just a coffee shop. Boasting a variety of soups, a salad bar, panini bar and a coffee bar, you are more than likely to find something you like at Chef’s Table. One thing that I really appreciate is that there are multiple gluten free options like bagels, toast etc. As someone with a gluten intolerance, it can be really hard to find a place that accommodates allergies and sensitivities and Chef’s Table has some of the best gluten free bagels I have tried in a while. The full breakfast and lunch menus can be found on their website. 

With the doors wide open at all hours of the day, fun decorations, upbeat music and a bustling atmosphere, I would definitely recommend Chef’s Table is definitely a place I would recommend for grabbing a bite to eat with friends rather than a place to sit and study. 

3. Shearwater Coffee Bar

This is a place that I tried more recently and can confidently say that it is host to my favorite coffee in the town of Fairfield. It has quickly become a place that I will stop into on my way to my internship for a cup of coffee. Located in the Brick Walk off of Post Road, Shearwater Coffee Bar offers a variety of their very own locally roasted and fresh brewed organic coffees, espresso, cold brew and nitro coffee as well as a variety of pastries and artisan chocolates.

Though the inside space is a bit small and the seating is a bit limited, I have found myself sitting at Shearwater Coffee Bar on multiple occasions to get some work done. If you are lucky enough to score a table, the warm and inviting atmosphere is perfect for a study session with a delicious cup of coffee to accompany it. 

4. The Stand

This vegan cafe is located right around the corner from Candlewood Market in the SPORTSPLEX in Fairfield and is home to some delicious and healthy food. Prepared from scratch and served by friendly and caring staff, The Stand has a variety of vegan cuisine from breakfast to lunch, smoothies to ice cream and pastries. 

Again, it is the allergy-friendly and healthy food options that really make The Stand stand out to me. There are not many places where I can get almost every single menu item prepared gluten-free. And while the food options are vegan, The Stand is open to all, not just vegans. Some of my favorite menu items include the Tomato, Basil and Avocado Toast, the fruit smoothies and the pancake breakfast. I can assure you, the vegan food is delicious! 

Though not necessarily my go-to study spot off campus, I would highly recommend trying out The Stand. 

5. Starbucks

I think just about everyone can say they have studied in their local Starbucks and the Starbucks on Post Road makes for the perfect study spot. With upstairs seating, separate from the counter and pick-up, this Starbucks is a great place to sit and cram in some work. I know I have spent many Sunday afternoons at this location completing school assignments. You can never go wrong with a Starbucks!

With finals season right around the corner, you may want to check out some of these coffee shops and cafes as study spots or food options when the library and Tully start to get too crowded. The town of Fairfield is home to so many great coffee shops and cafes, and I can assure you that these are some of the best!

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